You guys ever get a pax that says you picked up the wrong pax?

Over 10k rides and never got that.

Took a ride last Monday night, it was my last ride of the night, i remember it. I always check names when a pax enters. Then I get an email saying I had picked up the wrong pax? …bullshit.

Pax trying to get free ride is that that is… and because pax have a lot of power over us work horse drivers, they take the pax side and automatically refund them and the fare away from us.

If I picked up the wrong rider how come the original rider never called? How come the ‘wrong pax i picked up’ never said anything about going the wrong way during the whole trip and dropping them in front of their destination and not saying… ‘oh this isnt my place,’ etc…’

I called Uber support which i hate to do as it gets me furious talking to that overseas call center.

I didnt want to waste a lot of time bit you know how it goes with them on the phone (uugghh).

Finally after a few holds etc… they said they’ll refund me… and she said $17.34. That doesnt make sense… look at the email i got and the in app fare details of the trip… all different.

She probably put me on hold to make pretend she is ‘checking’ …probably txting on her phone or used the bathroom… comes back and says some different fare etc… saying ill get credited back just to get me off the phone and i wont see it applied… where will i see it, when? Do it now on the phone… i want to see that amount back on the fare detail of the trip.

At the end of the call she remind me… make sure to check the name of passengers etc… eerrr :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I hate dealing with support and uber in general.

I got one too on Monday. Uber took back almost $5 from me. Same message like yours Call up support, they will credit u the ride. Has happened to me a few times. So annoying…

I always confirm name and destination before driving them and that does something to some of them bcuz they don’t like this and that’s where u suspect they might be trying to scam the system. If they requested a ride for someone I call or request they text to confirm they requested the ride for someone, oh and it’s boldly written on my profile that I have a camera in the car so I’m sure that helps as well. I’ve had similar situation in the past where the rider claim I took cash for the ride .

Yah one time someone got in my car at an event. I started the trip already and then found out it was the wrong person. Since it was an older couple I drove them down the hill since the pax was too lazy to go to the building entrance.

The correct passenger was nowhere to be seen and apparently he must of ordered another ride.

I must of waited 20 minutes and wasted time trying to convince Uber to give me a cancellation fee

I got two of those messages saying that I picked the wrong rider up…from over 2 weeks ago! One of the riders tipped me $5, so it was obvious I picked up the rider. The other one was an uberX that I had switched over to UberXL, $70 fare & that was from Dec. 2nd. I called in & had them readjust both fares, which they did & gave me a few dollars more on top of the fare.

You can have Uber look at the trip. They can review where pickup and drop off was and credit you the ride. This is a way that the passenger uses to get a free ride

This is a typical case of, if the driver does nothing, the driver doesn’t get paid. 99% of these will get paid out as long as you respond. Basically saying you confirmed the riders name out the address. Normally when you actually get the wrong Rider they are calling to bitch you out within a minute of the ride. I picked up a guy with the same name as the real rider.

Uber & Lyft should require facial recognition to log on to the app for EACH RIDE. Then there won’t be any question whatsoever if they took the ride or not.

$17 is the amount the customer was charged. Then Uber took their portion. What you see on your picture is the amount you originally earned. So her saying she would give you $17 back would be correct. $17, minus Uber’s portion = 12.88

If they would just have to where the rider has to click they’ve been picked up on their app before we could start driving, that would get rid of all of this nonsense.

Yep. I had that happen last Christmas and knew that they were trying to get out of paying a 60.00 trip. I told Uber, no, I ALWAYS confirm name of passenger and destination. So they told the passenger too bad.