You ever need to have the police remove a difficult drunk from the car?

They can go into a funny mode of talking. Heard a cop describe it as his own personal liquor lawyer talking. One guy’s girlfriend ask the officer if one of his comrades could call another ride for them all the while the boyfriend is yelling at her not to tell them anything… The cop just asked why they talked like that and was curious if they were first year law students.

Lol. You clearly don’t work in dense areas much. If I followed this: “Yeah, sorry guys, there’s, like 50 taxis on Pike right now, so we’re gonna have to pull into this alley and not stop in front of your bar. Oops, there’s 5 taxis in the alley too, how about the next street.” 1 mile from their destination later “Okay, no taxis behind us, you can get out now. Hope you enjoyed this five star ride!”

I see taxi drivers commit more traffic offenses than any other drivers. They think they own the roads. My best friend is a cab driver and there are some great cab drivers on this forum so they aren’t all bad. Just the dirty scabcabs.

Cabbies here are a-holes, and generally swear at you in Russian, Hindi, or Swahili. Good that you got one who speaks English! Anyway, the thing with Taxi stands in Portland is that they are for pickup only, and there’s a legal thing to it, I forget what it is, but I had a cabdriver explain it to me years ago.

They can’t just pick you up randomly from the sidewalk, but apparently they can swoop in if they’re driving by a taxi stand and see you there.That’s likely why he yelled at you. It’s definitely not a drop off area for anyone, including taxis.

In our defense, in our case anyway, it is a marketing agreement, far beyond doormen. In two cases, we actually provided a sedan which the hotel staff used to shuttle guests a few blocks for various reasons.

Do you have the Uber sign on your car. If they knew or could tell you where Uber that might be why they where a dick. Otherwise idk why they would be rude…

You can drop off anywhere! Picking up is a different story. Cabbies are just bitter because they are obsolete. I drop off pax everywhere from clubs,restaurants, hotel’s etc never had a complaint.

I can see them getting upset as uber driver after uber driver is picking up and dropping off pax right in front of them while they just sit there bored and jealous of how busy we are!

That is until they manage to get in power. They will still appear to be so. With nepotism, everyone else soon will become of the same. Diversity is the end of diversity in every IT shop that has them in large numbers.

In L.A. I used to see valets put up their little “Valet Only” signs up at the front and back of two or three regular metered curb parking spaces. I used to leave off there all the time, and when the valet invariably barked at me, I’d just tell him to kiss my ass.

My sentiments exactly. Not only did I give this restaurant a 1* yelp review because of this (even though I never went inside), I no longer slow down for those valets crossing the road expecting us to slam on our brakes when they’re retrieving those cars like they’re God.

You obviously ain’t where I am. Enjoy Ubering your marina clientele over to the pedicure spa while exchanging casserole recipes and “funny stories” about your husbands.

You’re not a taxi when you’re required to pay for a Medallion or commercial insurance or abide by the same laws and regulations a taxi must abide by.

Mine too. If you’re too lazy to prepare your Grandmother’s recipe she passed on to you (with the crumbled potato chips on top), Stouffers frozen is the next best thing.