You dont have to provide a counterbalance

People are going to find out when they get in the drivers seat. I will tell you right up front that its not easy and not everyone is cut out for it. I would say maybe 1 in 2 people will survive over the long term as drivers.

My view of Uber is not all roses. My view is its just another job.

So you dont have to sit on internet forums all day telling us its a hard job. It is a hard job and we all know it. We are all here to see how we can make it work versus listening to people belly ache.

Digging ditches would be healthier than sleeping in your car. You’d also get a lunch break, overtime pay for overtime hours, benefits (unemployment, workers comp, just to name 2), weekends off, a good night’s sleep, minimum wage at least…

I do work for Uber as a driver and they are the hand that feeds. As for proving anything to you I dont have any obligation to do so. You can believe what you wish. Fact is if you were busy out there getting fares you might be more successful.

Yes when you make claims of $2k a week, you do have an obligation to prove it or be considered a fabulist. It’s the law of the land. Some might say “put up or shut up” others might say "liar liar liar pants on fire.

You are going to consider me what you wish no matter what I say or do. You have your own reality in your own mind and you wish that reality upon everyone around you. You didnt make it as a driver so you came back here to warn us all. Ok, thanks for the warning, but I will continue to drive.

At $1.10 per mile you’d have to work 24 hours a day. It does not seem feasible. If the rate per mile was a Taxi Rate then yes I’d say it’s feasible when they had some business.

I get 50 dollars for one way trip to the airport in no traffic. 50 dollars to nyc. There are at least a few of those a day. Yes it does seem like i work 24 hours and i do just that. There were times I slept in the car. Everyday I go to the airport and the city at least once.

Sure there is gas and tolls. Sure Uber takes its cut. You also have taxes. We all know that part of the game. If you make 2k a week you dont really make 2k like you do at a regular job. There are incidentals.

“Part of the game”. You’ll hear this over and over when you’re talking to people with terrible jobs, terrible conditions, no hope for advancement. They actually don’t mind their survival being made into a game, and appreciate the opportunity to at least keep busy in the day. Too many folks in the US with zero self-respect, they make it very difficult for people with reasonable expectations.

Same advice to you as to anyone. Find a real driving job if you like it.

If you guys hate Uber this much you dont have to be drivers or use the service. I get mine each week. If you want to put me on ignore go ahead. If you consider me a loser maybe you are right. I wouldnt be doing this if I was a billionaire. I do it because I have to. Not what I wanted to do with my life, but this is what it is.

I’m not saying you’re not making money. Only you can know that, since cost est. is a lot of work and no one will do it for you but you. There is a percentage of uber drivers who come out ahead, no doubt. You may be among them. It’s just not high enough to advise anyone you care about to get involved with it. I call it a pyramid scheme since the suckers losses subsidize the winners profits, and it’s really quite random which half you end up falling into.

Damn straight. Americans need to solve their emotional problems that allow others to take advantage of them. The Europeans have a lot of faults (sex addiction being one of the biggest ones), but at least they got some self-respect.

You guys instantly come down on anyone who posts they are doing well saying it cant be done or even suggesting I am a PR professional. Why dont you ask how Im doing it?

I do work for Uber as a contractor making money driving. Im not bitter about it. Its just another job to me. I dont take it personally like you guys do. What did you think driving involved? Its just a job bro…

Jesus. It just never stops getting worse. I just… I just don’t even.
Über will pay for this behavior. Companies are allowed to behave this brazenly only if they make apology and do it discreetly. Uber is a child of ten years, tops.

A lot of people here did just that after the rate cuts in their areas. If Columbus falls to $1.10 or lower, I’ll be quitting too, as one just has to do the math to see that at such a low rate the driver is making less than minimum wage even at a 60% efficiency of billable miles to total miles. Many who have quit are hanging around hoping Uber sets the rates back to a level when the drivers can earn a reasonable profit again. But given too many drivers don’t realize the total cost they are incurring, and only look at their gas receipts (which again is only around 30% of total costs), Uber will keep the rates low because they make 20% even when the driver is losing wealth on every mile driven. Uber has no motivation to raise rates when drivers are willing to depreciate their car to $0 worth thinking that it’s making them money.

He is an unlovable PR ghost. He probably sought a job with lots of air travel, so that his complete lack of personality or personhood could never be felt long enough to be discovered.