You can decline any rider that you want before you start the trip

Use your brain - say you have a pax who is obviously high & you are obviously not You get pulled over for some reason (say w DUI checkpoint) You’ve got your trade dress on, the app going & most likely your pax is in the backseat - I’m pretty sure an officer can figure out that despite the odor, it is not you that is high. Just like how some pax reek of alcohol.

This way if a passenger has drugs on them I have a better chance of convincing the police. This is why I believe it’s important to badge your vehicle with Uber decals.

If a rider is under the influence of anything one could argue that he is being responsible by calling for a ride. I would not cancel unless he looked like a drug dealer.

Good point SafeT but in the end it comes down to you or him! You mentioned you would not cancel unless he looked like a drug dealer…I did not know they have a certain look.

Saggy pants would be a start. Anything that looks gang banger is trouble. But I don’t think many of those have credit cards and call Uber. If we turn down druggies and drunks, that would be turning down about 100% of riders after midnight.

It could be medical marijuana, are you going to ask for medical records now? Small amounts are now legal in some states, are you going to measure how much they have? An unruly pax is just that and you need to be prepared to take the necessary measures you will need to do.

It has nothing to do with how they appear or what they were doing. You need to be aware of how they are acting more than anything. Pay attention to the viral pax videos and if you don’t feel comfortable or confident then you probably shouldn’t be doing this, just take people you know.

I’ve had a couple riders who smelled like that- didn’t bother me as long as they didn’t try to smoke in my car. I did put the window down for a few minutes after the drop off to get rid of the smell. Not because of me but so future riders wouldn’t smell it.

First you need to be pulled over. The pax needs to have something on them and somehow what they have needs to be considered in your possession. If those three criteria occurs you’re toast. I see the odds of that ever happening are slim to none, although I never bet.

Here is basically how uber works. You can basically cancel for any reason that does not involve race, creed, color, disability… however, if your cancel rate is too high then you will be warned and then deactivated.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we get into this business so we could help reduce the incidence of impaired drivers on the road? If you don’t want to ferry potheads then we have to assume you don’t want to ferry drunks either.

I’m pretty sure the passenger is the only one who would be arrested in this situation, since they’re the one actually in possession of the marijuana. There’s nothing the cops could do to you as the driver(as far as the actions of that pax).
Of course, this all depends on what state you’re in, and what the marijuana laws are.

I once took these kids from a house party in the middle of nowhere in sanford at 3:30am and got a handful of adderal and a Tylenol bottle crammed with very good weed. And it was a 17 mile 2.1x was a good night.

But the last I checked, money spent by potheads on Uber rides carries the same value as money spent on Uber rides by drunks, prostitutes, professionals, vacation travelers, obnoxious frat boys, and overly-perfumed sorority girls.

Once the trip is started you cannot cancel as stated. The customer could go shopping for an hour and make you wait, they could beat your face in and on and on. If you end the trip, they can an will giver you one star and there’s nothing you can do about it.