You call PAX and ask about their location?

If I have any suspicion the app is less than accurate about PC location, I’ll usually call. The key thing is, you have GOT to keep it brief, friendly, and confident. “Hi Pax, it’s Driver8, your Uber driver … I need to verify /narrow down this address - 2403 road street, is that correct? Oh, you’re at 534 avenue blvd? Got it, thanks. See you in a few.”

When I get there, if they aren’t out within a few mins and there’s no sign of activity, a brief text

I only call if the pickup pin is in a venue. For me its most likely when picking up at Universial City Walk, I’ll call to make sure that they will be at either the Jurassic Park Valet or the pick up spot down the street from the main enterence of the theme park

There’s a common lack of common sense. I don’t know why pax drop the pin and wait right on the corner of a busy traffic-lighted intersection. If fortune points its finger at the pax then the light will turn red just as you approach, you will be the lead car at the red light, the pax will spot you and be able to get in before the light changes. Otherwise you have to just sail on past the pax on the green.

I recommend a shorter text. If they don’t respond and you arrive(Don’t forget to hit the arrive button, so if they cancel when you are there, you might receive a cancellation fee). give them five minutes max to take the ride.

This is still wordy, but:
This is your UberX driver, Nathan, and I am making every effort to arrive as quickly as possible. If the pin was dropped somewhere other then your physical location, please don’t hesitate to call me.

That’s a very good point, obviously safety is very important, whenever possible I pull into a parking lot.

So far as opening doors go, I have extensive experience in customer service, so going that extra mile has become second nature to me. Besides, if it means the difference between a 4 and 5 rating, it’s worth it to me.

I’ve never called unless: I was stuck in a traffic, or called immediately after arrival if I didn’t see my pax (just in case they incorrectly drop the pin). May be I should start sending a text if I sit in a parking lot (safety first), not a bad idea with a preset text. I wouldn’t think it would annoy pax.

That’s what I’m hearing, so far I only had one issue with LE a few months ago. The police officer asked me if I was Licensed, told him I was Uber. His response was “you guys are going to get crushed” I didn’t respond,just picked up my passenger and went on my way.

This one has my vote! Keep in mind, Silens, that a text message is limited to 160 characters. Any more than that, and it will be broken up into multiple messages. Your original message had 409 characters and would have shown up as three separate text messages.

I’m thinking of having a message ready to send that says “Hi this is your Uber driver. Please respond with the name of the establishment you are at to ensure a timely arrangement.” Because a lot of the addresses it sends me for the downtown strips are incredibly vague.

When the jerkys call me the second after I accept the ping I don’t answer the phone . I cancel on them for being ****ing annoying. I already know that they are *******s . I kid you not.

How can you even make texting as primary communication when you nee all your attention on the road and use your hands to drive/steer the car?

Unless you have a car that don’t need your senses and limbs and it is automated to some degree, I assume you are not in motion when you “always” text.

I got a ping late last night… when I arrived at the address I texted the pax “Uber is at 123 Main Street”, two minutes later they responded by text “ok”… 4 minutes after that I cancelled “no show” and drove off.

I tried to text my initial 3 months. What a waste of time. I’m calling after waiting 1 minute outside 'cause if my wheels aren’t moving, I’m not making money and I’d rather go somewhere else to find a paying fare. And, without a doubt, when you tell them “I’m waiting outside of your apartment” and they say, “I’ll be right down” that means I’m going to be making money on the fare that much sooner. Also, as soon as they acknowledge they are coming down, it’s on their nickel and I start the ride.