Xchange leasing

Xchange leasing got the last laugh. Offered the $450 for turn in of my vehicle again so i jumped on it. Sent in my request for voluntary surrender. They picked it up yesterday. They have also already taken their payment for this week.

Note: if you are going to turn in the vehicle either stop the payments or arrange for pickup for Friday…

Hopefully the car was in tip top shape. Including the tires, rims, interior, etc or they will take out deductions. Always have a debit card not linked to your main account

It was. It could use a good steam clean of the seats but otherwise its good to go. Right. I have a slight bend in one of my rims. I thought about returning it but I know they deduct money for every little thing. Decided to just keep driving.

I’m just trying to understand why some people have better agreements than others. It must be based on credit. My lease was an 18 month agreement for $128/week. At the end of the lease, they will sell the car to me for $4,897. When I got the car it had 22,000 miles on it. This seems like an awesome deal if there aren’t any surprises.

That’s $9000 in lease payment plus $4897. It was used. Yours was a fair deal. But it’s at about 9 percent interest or money factor. Marked value on your car at time of was about $14-15k. So yours was a good fair price.

The people who got screwed was the ones who bought the cars new at $20k and $250 a week payments. Now they are around $12 k. But just think of the other 2k as interest and taxes.

Mine was new 10 miles on the odometer. $20k sticker. End of my lease would have been a $5k buyout. Payment was $168.96 per week. It worked for me. I’m not mad about anything other than this last payment stuff and waiting to see if they are going to make deductions.

Must be that high for for luxury cars. I told them the day I came in my budget was 150/week max. I was about to settle for a white 2016 civic for 153 until the rep helping me noticed that one car had a hold sticker on it but it wasn’t being held. It had just been repossessed. I basically just took over some other man’s lease

what do you mean “waiting to see if they are going to make deductions.”. its up to you, to either pay the buyout price. (or get a bank loan for it) . or just turn it in… I turned it in. Someone mentioned on another post they make deductions for damages - which I don’t expect and preparing to raise hell about if so…

Are you kidding; people do that and pay 250$ a week. That’s robbery. Deductions out of her 450 for returning the car. The car has to be perfect to get the whole thing back

If that is the case take photos of every inch of that vehicle cause shit happens from pickup to drop off on that wrecker. But then again. …is that a good deal for a 2016 Hyundai elantra?? :eyes:

Sounds like they want all the cars back even people have 3 years lease agreement. You don’t have to. If you keep making payments