Would you drive a delivery truck?

This is not a “help wanted” ad. Instead, I’m looking for advice from drivers. I’m hoping to learn from rideshare drivers if they’d also be interested in delivery driving.

A business in our family is a contractor for a giant package delivery service. I promise you that their trucks have gotten in your way at some point. The family business owns trucks and manages a few drivers that deliver packages for the service.

So, first question: Would people who drive for Uber/Lyft also be interested in driving a delivery truck and dropping off packages?

  • Drivers are employees of the family business (which is a contractor to the delivery service).
  • You need a year of professional driving experience to get hired. Uber/Lyft count.
  • A class C license is fine.
  • After you deliver all your packages and take the truck back to the terminal, you’re done for the day. If you finish early, you still get paid for a full day. (You could turn on your app then, if you like.)
  • If there are an excessive number of packages for the day, you get paid extra.

The business has a problem: The delivery service is bad at predicting the package volume. So, we sometimes get to the terminal and discover far more or far fewer packages than they predicted the night before. So, we end up with too many or too few drivers on duty to deliver them.

Also, drivers sometimes get hurt or sick, leaving us short-handed.

This leads us to the second question: Would on-call work be interesting to Uber/Lyft drivers?

  • You’d still be a regular employee.
  • You would probably still have some regular scheduled work days.
  • For your on-call days, you’d be required to be available to come in on short notice.
  • If you do get called in, you get paid for a regular day.
  • Depending how we structure this, you’d probably get paid something for your on-call days, even if you don’t come in that day.
  • You’d probably know by 8:00 AM or so if you need to come in for that day. If you’re not needed, you are free for the rest of the day.

Thanks for any advice!

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