Working Uber for food

Yo where is my post about how to get food stamps working for Uber ? Y’all got me F’d up that’s a legitimate question , Uber is not always busy I’m not about to be working 70hours a week struggling to make money.

Right ! Like everybody don’t wanna work 10hour shifts 7 days a week , sleeping in their cars trying to survive . Ppl need assistance this is ridiculous

Step #1: Go to your local DFACS office and apply.

Step#2: Complete the required documentation

Step#3: Wait to see if you are approved

Step#4: Don’t lie to them, they will find out if you do. It may not be today or tomorrow but they may sneak up on you 20 years from now.

It sounds good but, there is too much red tape to play with. The problem is they base the amount given on how much you take in monthly, how many people live in your home, where those other people work, how much they make. In the end, I would rather work a full-time gig than to fight with them for foodstamps. My 89 year old widowed grandmother doesn’t qualify for them and she only takes in about $632 in SSI.

But i don’t see why we can’t! Contracted work isn’t a guaranteed income. No cus u cud be a part time driver . Because u have other goals , cud be Acting , music , student . If you’re only a part time driver your income is not that high .

Yes you are correct. However, there are new regulations in place. If you are able bodied, they are going to require you to seek gainful employment. If you are not married and have children, they will push the issue of child support on the non-custodial parent, which could jeopardize your relationship with that parent if he or she is doing his or her job without being forced to. I completely understand where you are coming from. You have to convince the person on the other side of that desk that you are right and that you qualify.

They don’t required ppl to seek a better job in order to receive food stamps . If u have a better job then u don’t need food stamps. So that doesn’t make any sense. Food stamps are for ppl who are not making enough money at their current job , etc . Of course .

Again, there is no need to convince me. You will need to convince the caseworker assigned to your particular case. The only way to be sure if you are qualified or not is to go into your local DFACS office and apply. Also, in order to keep up to speed with new laws, amended laws, new regulations and amended regulations, listen between July 2nd of the current year and July 1st of the following year. Usually after July 1st of the following year is when new things take effect. ( We are nearing the end of November)

Some of y’all who turning side eyes to someone needing assistance to work for rideshare cus y’all done got so comfortable sleeping in you’re car in order to make money started to think that shit was normal . It ain’t !

You CAN receive Food Stamps workimg rideshare. You are considered Self Employed and will have to fill out Self Employment calendars asking about income. You will need 3 months of calendars prior to the month you are applying. Understamd, SNAP BENEFITS are issued based on income. If your income is close or over the FPL (FED POVERTY LEVEL) You will not be considered for benefits. If you need the help, please APPLY! No need to let pride keep you hungry!

I understand your dream is acting. Look at how Tyler Perry started. You’re able-bodied and with vehicle. If you want the dream bad enough, you will find another part time job, or you’ll drive as much as it takes to survive and reach your goals. You sound a bit entitled to expect the government to help you because you are pursuing acting rather than working as much as you can.

This isn’t my opinion. If she isn’t making enough with Uber to pay for food, and they won’t give her food stamps while driving Uber, she either needs to drive more to make enough for food, or find a different job that will allow her food stamps or pay enough where she won’t need any.

That’s not your place to tell me to find another part time job. This status is only about if u quality for food stamps while working for Uber . I sound “entitled” because it’s very well possible to have part time job and receive Food stamps. It doesn’t matter what my reason is for working part time.

I didn’t say it does. Don’t go hungry waiting on food stamps. If you try and try to get stamps while driving Uber, and keep getting denied, what’s Plan B? Also, I didn’t mean find another job to replace Uber. I meant you can add another part time job with some flexibility where you can make more money, but also take off when you need to. Lots of drivers work multiple part time jobs

You can and should take every single penny you can from the government. Don’t let theses pseudo “boot strap” all stars fool you. You do whatever you need to do for you. I️ wouldn’t even report any independent contractor revenue at all.

Entrepreneurs and “other” people are taught to intentionally get these benefits to assist them in their goals. All of the benefits.

People want to act high post and above assistance from the government as if the government does not milk the population at will on a regular basis.

When you are in a dire situation you do whatever you need to do. From driving 100 pools a week to shopping around for everything, to cooking, to staying home and not partying. So frrrrrrrrrruck what anybody got to say ESPECIALLY folk acting too proud to take that check. When you are ACTUALLY from the bottom you don’t say stupid shit like that to somebody on they grind. Do you boo boo

I️ don’t know anyone who “would rather rely on a government check” - but I do know a lot of people struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on and could use the LITTLE BIT OF HELP of the measly 2-300 dollars in benefits each month.

I️ don’t know anyone who would prefer to not be able to feed their family everyday.

But think. There are families busting their asses and still not making it. That little help is keeping America afloat.

So stop judging people who accept the help. Just because you feel some type of way about it doesn’t mean your opinion is right or even valid. It’s just yours.

People who act like they are too good for assistance from the government or anyone else ain’t never been through shit

If you think you are too good for assistance the. You have never truly struggled.

You don’t know what it’s like for the government to be your next of kin.

Folk who never had to struggle telling folk in the wilderness to work harder.

Are you a republican too?

No need to make this all political. Some people don’t feel they need to rely on the government. But if you need to, to eat, DO IT! You can WORK AND STILL NEED FOOD ASSISTANCE! SNAP would rather supplement than give totally.