Working for Uber or Lyft, Unhealthy Weight Gain Problem

Lately, there have been a few posts about weight gain in a couple of the rideshare groups I belong to - and as a bodybuilder 6 days a week for 7 years now, I’d like to share for anyone who cares, how to at least make better choices.

Cook at home. A small ice chest can hold up to 4 or 6 meals. I eat mine room temp or right out of the ice chest. It isn’t that big a deal. Steaks sliced up. Baked radishes and baked asparagus. A little seasoning and a lot goes a long way. If I have a day where I don’t feel like cooking which happens - burgers with no bun no sauce, or Chipotle bowl with double meat and double veg is my “go to.“

Get rid of the carbs, bad sugars and such. I happen to follow a strict Keto diet, but I also use the gym 6 days a week at 03:30 or 04:00 am. I opened my own business and drove Lyft and Uber ( I drive to pay the business debt off and am proudly 95% done paying it ) and will continue to drive as to me this is easy money. I agree there are some issues with both platforms lack of pay these days, but I also have made it work. I know we see negative all day about pay.

Fitness and diet have changed ALL aspects of my life, and a lot of how we feel daily affects our pay. I can’t tell you how many pax admire, compliment and I swear tip on my dedication and drive ( no pun intended ). Lifting 100-pound suitcases and smiling at the same time is $$$$. And I keep a positive attitude at all times. Even bad days. I’m human.

Anyway - I hope everyone can implement some form of fitness and healthy eating. I find the time, and I’m working 79 hours a week between driving and my business. I use three 24 hour gyms … and sleep 5 hours a day. So it CAN be done. It’s just working.
Stay happy and healthy :slightly_smiling_face:. This line of work isn’t that bad …
Ribeye, salmon, baked radishes, cauliflower mashed, pork stuffed poblanos … and I shop CHEAP! Trust me.

Yummy! Yes! Meal prep is everything. I’ve gained 20 pounds since I started doing this job two years ago. I started drinking sodas and eating fast food again because didn’t want to clock out to be able to go home and cook. A hard lesson I learned. I’ve started meal prepping again and no fast food for the last three weeks and have lost 3 inches in my lower belly area so far. I’m a lot less bloated now! I drink a lot of water when I’m driving, and when I need something on the sweeter side, I get a kombucha gingerade. If you needed a snack on the road and didn’t prepare, stop at 711. They have fruit cups and veggie plates. I eat a paleo diet with low sugar and carbs. It’s the best way to go. I spend about $70 a week on groceries.

It’s easier than people think. I get up and cook twice a week before the gym, but then it’s out of the way. And there are ways to shop cheap. I go thru a lot, and I mean a lot of food.
Good job on making changes! It’s hard at first but gets easy :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for the heads up. I tried being a vegan for a month and totally gave up and went back to fast food and diet sodas, eating then going to sleep right after. Def got to take your advice