Work the job and uber on the side

I started driving when rates in Phoenix were $1.97 (If I remember correctly). At the time, without too many drivers on the road, you could make decent money. Now, with driver oversaturation and **** rates ($1.20) in Phoenix, there’s no way in hell anyone will come out positive ‘sitting on the couch’ and waiting for pings. Before I decided to call it quits, I did a 16 hour Saturday shift to see how much I could make, and I grossed $340. The scary thing is is that I don’t even remember the last 3 trips! In my book, it’s simply not worth it. Give up my weekends for **** pay, frustration, possible legal troubles and condescending @@@@@@ bags? **** them and Uber!

I will not post any private or personal information such as invoices or statements even with partial information blacked out. I dont care what you think or believe. Let me say that again. I dont care. Furthermore, you will not stop me from posting just like you seem not to be deterred from posting. End of story. Thats it.

Hey I saw a video with a guy who heads the office of weights and measures that must be the office with the power to hold Uber accountable for fines. His office already has over $160,000 in fines give out to Uber drivers…You need to talk to him about all this great revenue coming in and that you can run sting operations to fine Uber drivers for a % of the take…This free up his officers to do anther things

Hahahahaha! What are you doing now? What do you call that stint the other day where you were PMing people to call them names. The only troll here is you.

And we can spend time online because we have down time. We don’t sleep in our cars.

Im not going to sugar coat it. To make any decent money with Uber I have found you need to work at least 12+ hours. You need to know the key places and exactly where to go. You need to have a strategy and some business sense. Its not easy and you just might end up living out of the car.

Listen, we know you are getting a feel of the market (drivers) here and pimping late night shifts for drunks, but just so you know and that you can convey feedback back to Uber if at anytime you reduce fares in Boston, you will loose good drivers. The strategy at your **** Holes Uber is so wrong and is not sustainable. Yes you will get cabbies transitioned but even they won’t stay too long.

He is probably sleeping in the back seat of his car, has no life, and if he keeps this up his car “and himself” will just tank one day, people think they can run their cars “and themselves” pretty much all day long without any consequences, in the taxi business you need to learn to run the race, not sprint it, all it will do is burn you out.

The problem with todays youth is they dont want to do what it takes to make the check. They want to just show up and get paid. The truth is every workplace has some type of unpleasant demeaning task.

Consider Uber driving is contract work. Its not even a real job.

I guess you could get a gym membership to take showers at.Keep your clothes in the trunk.Go to 1 of those post office places for a po box.Then you wouldnt need to pay rent on a place you dont use.

You have obviously never driven in Brooklyn. There are lots of places around here where bathroom availability is limited or non-existent. For New York City drivers, double-parking is illegal except to pick up and discharge passengers.

Flights out of airports are greatest in the early morning starting at 6am. I usually take a nap in the car when I start at 3am trying to use that time wisely. Sometimes the fare wont come until 5am, sometimes it will come sooner.

So you think that I post so much that I don’t have a life? Really? In the time I’ve been on, just over two months, I have averaged less than 3 posts per day. You, however, in only 8 days have averaged nearly 10 per day. Perhaps if you had a life you would find time to shower! Your passengers may complain to Uber and you will find yourself deactivated in short order, if your attitude doesn’t do you in first. And I never said anything indicating I hate Uber.

You are wrong sir. My passengers have no problems with myself and I have no danger of deactivation. I consistently maintain a 4.8+ approval rating and I have never had any complaints to my knowledge. I am always very friendly with my passengers and they are friendly back to me. Every single person who stepped out of my vehicle this week seemed satisfied.

Uber does drivers who try to do Uber for a living a favor when they are deactivated. Uber is a not a liveable income and never will be due to it’s model. If you need a liveable income, look elsewhere, even if it might produce one today.

Uber makes the same amount of profit whether one driver is producing $40 in fares an hour, two drivers are producing $20 in fares an hour, four drivers are producing $10 in fares an hour, or eight drivers are producing $5 in fares an hour. So unlike a real business where more workers increases costs, and thus reduces profit, there is absolutely nothing in this business model to discourage Uber from having too many drivers.