Women driver safety rule

I don’t pick up guys at strip clubs. They are the worst passengers in general.
Watch the pax ratings. On weekend nights, don’t pick up below 4.6 unless there’s a surge. If the flirty man who wants to sit up front is going to the airport, let him. In fact, everyone going to the airport should sit up front so you don’t get a ticket. Give a 1 star to every guy that flirts with you. We don’t want those pax. They’re going to give you 1 star if you don’t sleep with them. Carry a knife and pepper spray. Hope you don’t have to use it.

Even if a surge, size up the less-than-4,6 as you pull up with locked doors. If you do not like it, cancel and drive away. That depends on someone’s tolerance for flirting. From her language, I gather that the Original Poster’s ain’t none too high. That is no complaint or criticism, mind you, simply an observation. Another thing is that it is not a good idea to accept trips off the TNC platform.

Well damn that seems a little harsh. Pursuant, unwarranted, aggressive flirting after being warned should merit one but just because a person (man/woman) flirts you should not 1-star them.

I always feel this is poor advice and I’ve seen this echoed here before. You are a driver and pax are paying for your seats. You are showing an unprofessional space and immediately cutting your occupancy down (unless you want to load everything in the trunk for larger parties). It’s your business, however I feel this looks very novice.

Frankly, I’m more concerned with my safety than my Uber rating or even the marginal income it generates. That said, I don’t refuse the seat to everyone…just those who immediately appear disrespectful and/or obnoxious.

I meant to require people to sit up front on airport rides because you’re less likely to get a ticket. But that’s a side benefit of the requirement to not look like an Uber. Also, hugging your passenger will definitely keep the cops off your tail at the airport.

I simply don’t drive after 7 pm. Wake up early and drive the work rush or the hungover rush. Usually surge and they’re too hungover or sleepy to try anything. Be safe.

I used to be a Realtor and met several women who refused to do open houses because of the safety concerns. My feeling in that case was “maybe you’re in the wrong business.” My sister thought seriously about Ubering but, in the end, she just couldn’t come to terms with having a strange man in her car.

A better plan is to keep the convo casual while driving to the nearest police station. You are physically AND legally protected. You pass the burden of the passenger safety to the police. Check your local jurisdiction regarding your responsibility for the safety of your passenger, you might be in for a shock.

I don’t know how the question was meant but it’s actually not a completely stupid one. A hot 22 year old is going to have a lot more flirty annoying customers who want to put their hands on her than a 50 year old frumpy overweight woman is. Also as you get older you’re generally better at the deflecting such sorts of things. You have a lot more experience.

She’s already a nervous Nelly and now you want her to carry a knife? So she can pull it out and wave it around and really get herself in trouble?

I am a female driver, the only time I ever had a problem was the night before Thanksgiving. A bunch of obnoxious drunk men, only had to take them a few miles but couldn’t wait for them to get out of my car. I actually don’t mind if people sit up front, actually makes for better conversation in my opinion. I have been lucky I guess.

I think what you are doing so far is good. Right or wrong do whatever brings you peace of mind. Peace of mind is the key in order to do this thankless gig. We only have a few precious seconds before making the determination on allowing somebody in the car so I try to make the best of it.

If I have a a real bad feeling about someone before picking them up, I cancel and keep on rolling. That’s said, plenty of times I’ve gone against all my feelings of self preservation and taken a PAX with my spidey sense on high alert and it turned out perfectly fine. Some of those PAX even tipped.

I’m a woman and I’ve had no issues whatsoever in feeling like I’m unsafe. But then again my attitude can Go from 0 to 100 real quick. I guess that’s the boricua in me lol. I’ve had the dumb drunk flirts at night but if you have a strong personality you can handle any conversation.

As a somewhat attractive 22 year old female uber driver I just wanna say I do not get many tips because I don’t drive drunks. If I did drive drunks I would get lots of tips but I’d also get harrassd. When I first started driving I did one ride after 8pm on a Friday night and got begged to go inside and have some fun by an intoxicated 40 something year old man.

I politely declined and quickly dropped him off and he still tipped me $20. Not worth the risk to ever drive at night again. Simply do not drive at night. Just DONT. Never had a problem otherwise and I usually only get tips when I tell people I’m a broke college student lol.