Woman Uber Driver Encounter Sexual Harassment

I got this incident from a forum. I don’t have any proof that it is true or not. I have some questions.

  • How often do you face sexual harassment?

  • What is the best way to handle it and report it?

  • Have you faced anything like this in the past and what was it?


I just had the most uncomfortable and creepy ride ever while doing a Lyft. I got a request in a woman’s name, and I pull up to the place, and I call to let them know I’m here and the lady proceeds to tell me her client is by the office and he’s outside waiting on me. So I find him, and I’m getting a weird vibe from him that I don’t trust. Well, he gets in the front with me which I barely have people do. And so I proceeded with the ride as normal and not even 3 minutes into the ride he tells me that I’m beautiful and that I have beautiful hair and that my boobs look really good. And then asked me if I was with anyone which I said I’m happily married which I am. And then tells me about himself and that he was in an accident when he was younger that gave him brain damage and he was in a coma for 5 months. So I told him I don’t have a problem with that because I have an ex that was hit by a car and he had brain damage as well, and I was sorry that happened to him. Then he started telling me that his ex-wife lives with him and he is letting her live there for free because she has nowhere to go and that the least she could do was give him some every once in a while. Then he was like I have really good oral skills maybe you can try it out sometime I don’t expect anything in return. Then he decides to touch my leg and ask if I consider it cheating for me to receive oral sex and I said yes I do. Then he was like constantly staring at my boobs saying how good they look and that I should really have sex with him and let him do oral to me. I again said I’m happily married, so I’ll pass. I politely asked him to stop talking about these things. So he apologizes at that point and changes the subject for about 3 minutes, and then he asks if we could be friends with benefits and if I could come over and have some fun with him after his appointment and then he was like I know I know you are married. So I told him at that point he was making me really uncomfortable. So he was quiet for a few minutes, and then he was like I’m sorry, but you make me really horny, and you are really sexy, and I just want to have sex with you. Then he is still staring at my boobs and was like wow I really want to suck on those please come by later, and I can make it worth your while, and you will be pleased. And then from there he was like here’s my number call me later so we can set something up I want to give you oral. Then he was like it was nice to meet you call me. So I ended the ride, and I immediately called customer service to report this and told them I need to immediately speak with the lady who set up the ride to let them know that I felt so uncomfortable and that they need to speak with him about his behavior because he was so disrespectful. I don’t care brain damage or not you don’t talk to someone like that or treat them like that. You at least know right from wrong and should know that’s not acceptable behavior. My husband says I should have just let it go and move on because he has brain damage and probably doesn’t know any better. I said so if I had got raped that would have been okay and I would have just had to move on because he gets a pass because he has brain damage. Did I handle this the right way and should I make sure to talk to the person who arranged for their client the ride? I really don’t know.

I hate that happened to you, but You shouldn’t even have let it go that far. I would have dropped his brain-damaged ass right off on side the road. Whether Safe or not. Your safety and well being is way more important than anyone else’s. Out of all things to talk about he picks that because he has brain damage?? That was wayyyy inappropriate. Then he touches you ?? Ugh, I hate that happened to…that really could have gone very wrong.

Sounds like he was a special needs person, perhaps with. TBI. That woman should have told you what to expect and give you an opportunity to choose to drive him or not. And she should have told you what would have worked on him to get him to settle down. I worked with a guy like that for two years; I heard that stuff every single day. He really could not control his filter or lack thereof. All we could do is remind him daily that it was not appropriate and eventually there would be consequences such as not going out if the house or to an activity. That usually kept his behaviors to a minimum. I truly think that’s what you were blindsided with.

I would have pulled over and told him he could either shut up or get out. It’s your car; if someone makes you uncomfortable, you can kick them out. I had a serious brain injury, and I know better than to act like that and so does he. It’s uncomfortable to have to try to kick someone out, but I rather kick them out than be worried about them sexually assaulting me. The person who ordered the ride probably did it so they wouldn’t have to ride with him and deal with that.

You let that conversation go on waaay too long. Speak up for yourself and tell a nasty mf when he is being disrespectful. I know sometimes as women we hesitate and try to keep things cool, but he went too far! I’m not understanding why your husband didn’t feel some kind of way about another man addressing you inappropriately? I had a guy making passes at me, and he wanted me to veer off of the GPS. I politely found an IHop and pulled up and told him this is where you are getting dropped off. The police were luckily already sitting in the parking lot.

You can’t bitch and moan if you don’t take charge, you are the boss, it’s your vehicle and if you felt sooo uncomfortable, why didn’t you pull the hell over in a well-lit parking lot where people are around and tell him to exit your vehicle before you call the police??? If you are going to do this job, A) you need to grow a pair and B ) learn to handle your own at all times, this world is Skittles and rainbows and if you can’t handle shit then get a desk job at a doggy daycare.

The minute you told him you were married
and he continued it was the time to end the ride.

You should not have to endure this kind of situation at all. This type of person doesn’t know or want to accept a No at all.

The longer this situation continues the nastier it gets.

I don’t like to talk about someone’s spouse but I do not understand your husband ‘s response to this whole situation.

Keep Ubering safely!