With so many negative and bashing posts I thought everyone could deserve a good story for a change

So I picked up an XL fare at a beach bar. They were celebrating a birthday and we’re quite inebriated. Upon pulling into their driveway one of the passengers slipped a folded bill into my hand thanking me for driving them. At first glance I thought it was a 5, but then seemed to be a 20 I slipped in my purse and thanked him. After going down the road a bit I pulled over to check the back and put a seat back up. That’s when I saw this Sandy mess. My first inclination was to submit a cleaning fee. But after pondering I decided to Google Maps a car wash and vacuumed it for $0.75.
The next day I went in my purse to organize my cash tips and much to my delight the bill he gave me was a $50 bill! I am so glad I did the right thing and hopefully I will get them again!

If they gave me a $50 and said “Sorry about the mess” I’d let it go. If they hurried out of the car and no tip, I’d report it.

They were also drunk I don’t think a single one of them knew about the sand. I’m going to invest in a vacuum anybody have one they recommend I do have an inverter so it does not have to be a car vac just small

I have a shark rechargeable hand held works great got it at lowes for 40 bucks two attachments the stick and a pet one love it

I have a small shopvac that was on clearance for $15 reg $60. Great to wash out all this salt

I would have over looked the sand too. It happens a lot to me in rainy weather. They have no control over that.

I never submit cleaning for just sand . You know what you get when you pick up at the beach :wink: you did the right thing

I have floor mats throughout my entire vehicle … life saver for all things that can happen to my floors!!

I don’t have two to three hundred dollars for WeatherTech mats. They are awesome but I think for the amount of times this is happened which is twice this was the worst one a vacuum will be just fine. And for those that think I should have submitted a cleaning fee, I feel I did the best thing and if I get them again I will be happy to take them. I assure you they did not realize that they tracked all that in and in the future I will be more aware of this possibility

He basically said “here’s your cleaning fee.” If you track a bunch of sand in my car, and don’t tip me anything, I’m tagging you for it, every time.

I got a 20 for a few mile trip from Ft. Worth stockyards to a nearby hotel and then got a 20 just to stop at Jack in the box on the route to my destination

I go to daily’s gas stations and vacuum for free! I’m glad it didn’t cost you much and they tipped you well. Karma!

Damn lew is always savage lol. Ya gotta admit it was adequate compensation for what she had to clean… plus no one wants bad karma :slightly_smiling_face:

Got a cleaning fee for a guy last Friday. Saturday he and his girlfriend were back in my car because she requested. Luckily they were too drunk that first night to remember me.

He was obviously trying to do right by you by giving you a generous Tip since he knew you were going to have to clean the car. I think you did the right thing. Sure you could have called and gotten the cleaning fee but I think $50 is more than fair for having to clean up some sand. You’re a good person.