Why would you accept a ride that is 15-20 minutes away?

good morning, lyft disconnected me permanently and not drunk driving or falling asleep no no they say it is to cancel so many trips and I tell them clearly that if I cancel them because I have to find a person 15 or 20 minutes travel to run the risk of being canceled when you arrive that you think

The screen clearly says how far away the pax is when you get the ping. With both uber & lyft you need to add 5 minutes to the pickup time. But anyway if it is a 15 minute drive to the pax, why bother hitting accept? This makes no sense.

I actually have had quite a few pings from lyft where there is no time on them. I can only see them once I accept. I wonder if that’s what is going on here.

as I turned off lyft about 7 weeks ago, I’m really not up to date on their antics. I’ve done less than 400 rides on lyft in 3+ years and over 4000 on uber in the same time, lyft just became a nuisance to me. Plus the pax were never near me as lyft never marketed the jersey shore region as much as they did Hobroken JC & NYC so there are fewer riders in the off season.

I will not bet against that lol it was all in due time the shitty drivers get kicked out. Fair is fair. These posts will get only more intense. People better start having a backup plan!!!

You don’t have to say why you do this, it’s no ones business.

Just call Lyft back and explain why you cancelled and it’s not fair to take a 29 mins ride that will pay $3.96

When they do activate you again just accept the ride and ignore it until the pax cancels it and don’t answer the cell

.“When they do activate you again just accept the ride and ignore it until the pax cancels it and don’t answer the cell”…very good advice. I have been doing this for a very short period of time and I already figured that out.

Why the hell would either one of you tell him to accept these rides and just wait for the Lyft to reassign the ride or customer cancel???


Well if you do Uber then you noe if u wanna get work and stay in good terms make sure u don’t accept and then cancel otherwise they may give u the boot too.

I’m waiting for someone to interpret the above statement. With my limited education it makes no sense.

Find a skilled/trades job. Linemen, carpenters, metallurgists, electricians, plumbers, to name a few are in high demand.
Since my dumbass generation was brainwashed into believing college was the only way lol.

I wouldn’t say you aren’t qualified…but you understand the purpose of the job is to drive people. If you are constantly cancelling rides…you aren’t doing your job. Just saying.

I think a lot of drivers don’t understand the difference between acceptance and cancellation.

When a request comes in. You don’t have to accept the trip. There’s an actual icon to quickly not take the trip or you can just let it expire.

But if you accept the trip and cancel. That’s when trouble starts. Yes, if you do it too many times.

Read the original post thoroughly, then read the part where he said he goes to university. Immediately my mind was blown.

valid point…until you misspelled the word “language”…which is ironically, quite funny :joy::rofl:

I pulled up to the pax(.) (T)hey asked (")we can fit 4 in the back right(?)(") (I) said (")no (I) can(’)t it(’)s against the law.(") He said (")ok(")(.) (O)ne of the girls with him said (")whats the (dwal)…he told her (I) refused (be)cause there are 5 and they can(’)t fit. Her response…

(")Give him a bad rating f(o)r that then.(")

I said (")excuse me but no (yo)u don(’)t give someone a bad rating because they refuse to break the fucking law for you.(") He said…(")oh she was joking…(") I pulled away…he cancelled(.)

That(’)s the attitude we deal with as drivers(.)

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Would u like to contract someone to do a job, contractor agrees and never shows up or constantly cancels. That is the exact same thing. Not a issue of independent contractor or not.