Why would any parent allow their unaccompanied minor to ride an Uber (or Lyft) by themselves?!

Got an Uber request for 1.8x in Philly. Arrived at the pickup location, and it was a 12 year old little girl! :flushed:No guardian. Just attitude.

Me: Hi there. Is your parent or guardian coming?

Her: No! (With her hand on her hip and funky attitude)— I take Uber by myself all the time!

Me: Oh, ok. Well, unfortunately, I cannot transport unaccompanied minors. Canceled trip & smooth drove off :v: Chiileeeee that 1.8x wasn’t worth it!

Here’s my question: With ALLLL that’s going on nowadays.

Sadly there are many parents that just don’t . The shitty part is that many of these teens look like they are in their 20’s. Those people shouldn’t be parents in the first place.

Well, it isn’t totally anonymous, and kids have been taking cabs alone for decades. That said, I generally don’t let unaccompanied minors in my car. Too big a liability.

You won’t really know unless they tell you tbh some kids look very mature some adults look very young and they don’t have to show ID for a ride so 🤷

:joy: I’m 35 people think I’m 25 so yeah :joy: I even got people think I’m 20

Yea I had pax tell me I’m not old to drive and I’m like relax I’m 27 and no I don’t drive at the speed of light :roll_eyes:

As a parent I can’t just leave a 12 yrs old alone caus eim be more guilty. Here in nyc many parents send the kids alone. I always tell the kids please can we call ur parents so they know u was picked up by me? Plus I carry a dash camera.

A dash cam is cool, but I’m going to decline every unaccompanied minor request I get. Not to be a hard ass, but it’s not covered under our protection, and at a time where POOL & LINE requests come through randomly, I don’t want to be held accountable for a child’s experience on my watch. :woman_shrugging:

That is you decision! In nyc is a little different market that is why when happens I don’t let any child waiting. I don’t think will be the case if I live in another state specially south or midwest

All the minors accounts are in adults names. I think if a rider cancels because of an unaccompanied minor the account should be terminated

As a parents I will say f your kid because the priority is getting home to mine. Yeah I don’t care, call me cold but I’m not stupid enough to put a minor in my car and make myself responsible and liable, lol.

That’s funny to me. I’m sorry. Hell no and thanks for the cancellation fee.

As I said all markets are different. NYC we operate in a different way :slight_smile: we also have the tlc which regulates us and are above uber policies :slight_smile:

well if I was in your market and your Market accept kids. Then, I would be all… Welcome aboard, LOL

But I’m in LA so I got to say… no, not today

NYC we are regulated by the taxi commissioner which regulate us and their law is above of uber. California market doesn’t have this hazard

don’t risk taking a unaccompanied child… its against tos and if a accident were to occur you could get in big trouble!

True! Parents don’t want to parent any more. It’s everyone else’s fault.

Curious to where the pick up location was?
My old HS looked like a prison unlike schools from around here were you can just walk/drive in without stopping at a check point.
You did good. Well done.

happened to me sooo slick dude put the kids in the back seat buckled them in said thank you and walked away I was like :astonished: I thought his ass was getting in the front seat it was a dang pool ride I had Pax in the back also worst trip ever

I would have took the kids right out too. Then call 911 and social servicesl. Do not play with me.

I went to pick up a passenger and arrived a police station ( the mid-wilshire division in LA). It was a pool, too. A guy and a kid walk to my car. The kids gets in and I said…He’s coming with you, right?

Kid said no and I said, get out. I told the man /Police Officer( A plain clothes Police officer, with his badge on his belt, no and to get this kid out of my car. No minors, you know i cant take a minor He looked at me like…shittttttt.

Then sighed and exclaimed to the kid…I guess someone is going to have to pick you up then. That cop knew that he could not send a damn minor, alone. These adults just don’t give a fuck