Why some drivers offering treats?

Let me get this off my chest and I know it has been said before. I would say that a few of us drivers have messed it up for the rest. Still to this day I’m perplexed on why folks offer snacks and water. I tried that test for 2 whole months and guess what I received the same amount of tips and my rating stayed the same. To me it’s like going to a Burger King to eat while offering the cashier some Mcdonalds fries :fries: as payment. That didn’t make any sense right? Well neither does offering a person treats when you’re providing a service that is already at a cost to yourself.

I agree with you I don’t see the sense in offering it. I really stopped doing it though when someone drunk a little bit of the water then put it back. After that I was like never again

To each their own, sometimes 15$ of tiny waters and some mints literally last me about 2 months since most people won’t take them. I have not seen a difference of rating or tips wether I offer them or not (as you said yourself), I offer them simply because I want to…

All I offer is mints/hard candy combination in a jar. With water bottles available.

KaBoom!!! My rating went from 4.84 to 4.89 AFTER I stopped that nonsense. I think it comes off as desperate to some people.

And what if you are actually desperate? Why does that have to be viewed negatively? I’m desperate for money so I can afford my property taxes this quarter. So yes, I’ll pander to get some extra money from the people who actually do have hearts.

I only offer cheap mints and candy that I bought from the dollar store. Spent $4 and it lasted me over a month. Pax love it and it has increased my tips.
Most people grab a mint and drop at least a couple bucks in my tip box.

If it works for some the rest of us can’t complain about you doing it legitimately.

Just never had much success and my tips are better now. Could be the type of person you are also.

Apparently below minimum wages isn’t enough…The treats, eat up the Chinese sweat shop wages…

The reason why I brought this up was because a few days ago I had an issue with a pax because of this exact thing. I picked him and his party up in SouthPark neighborhood in San Diego and drove them to The Grand in Del Mar. Soon as the trip began he was hinting that his throat was dry and that he wish he had something to drink. I then offered to stop at a gas station or convenience store :convenience_store: to help him out. He told me that’s okay :ok_hand: and that I shouldn’t go out of the way for that. Soon as we got on the freeway this CHODE asked me if I had any water while looking at my personal bottles that I had in my center console. I then looked at him in the mirror and said “sir why are you asking for my water when I gave you ample amount of time to get your own before we got on the freeway?” He then said to me “How do you expect to stay in business without providing your customers snacks and water?” I looked at him perplexed :confounded: as I took a deep breath before I gave him this reasoning “Look bruh everything I do in this car is at a cost to me. I damn near fill up my car every single day. Since I put on many miles the oil needs changing practically every month. Us driver’s do not receive nowhere near amount of the cut in which pax think. Practically $2 automatically goes to Uber or Lyft right off the top then 20% or 25% is then deducted to them from what’s left over. Going from that why in the world would it be a good idea for us driver’s to provide snacks and water?” He then laughed and said “I can tell by the tone of your voice that you made half of that stuff up. If that was the case nobody would be that stupid to offer up free services​:grin:” I took another deep breath and then said “Well Sir if you and the rest of your party don’t believe me you’re more than welcome to check by searching on the internet” I heard some whispering in the back while they were searching on their phones, it was then the most awkward silence in my car for a very long time. When he got out my car he slammed the fuck out of my car door. Soon as I was about to get out of the car to address the guy his friend apologized for him and gave me a $20 tip. By the way folks it’s the driver that gets the tips not the gimmicks. I average on app between $110-$140 and in cash between $40-80 in tips. When you have a soothing personality and have range on what you can communicate about the tips come in easily.

I like the last sentence in your post the most. Personal connection is the key to getting tipped.

Guess it depends on your market…cause I’ve been driving for 18 months and I’ve never offered anything except an aux cable and phone charger… after reading others post I decided to invest in a charging station/tip box and a small insulated ice chest that sits neatly behind my console… where I have mini bottles of water and an assortment of mints…the results? This is my 5th week, and I’ve had just one ride rated less than 5 stars and my tips have doubled!!!

Same $1 store stuff including water. Plus it’s a write off. So without incriminating one self those with kids that do sports, when you buy Gatorade, water and snacks, save the receipts and let your tax person know you use those items in your car for your pax. I actually do have those items in my car, just so happens to be the same things my kids enjoy. Great coincidence I tell you :wink:

To each his or her own. I do it and love it. My pax also love it. Maybe it helps with tips, maybe it doesn’t. My pax treat me very well in the tip dept. Some don’t tip. Doesn’t bother me because I have pax who give me 5,10s, & 20s. My snacks are mainly from the dollar store. They think I’ve spent a fortune but I haven’t. They get expensive candy that I spent little on. After every holiday, Wal-Mart and other stores mark candy down to 50% off, then 75, 90 etc. Cvs&Walgreen still have Easter candy at 50% off. By Sunday it should be 75%. Imagine buying a 16oz mix bag of twix, snickers, milky way etc for .75
Have you been to the dollar tree?
10pk of cookies $1. 6protein bars $1, 6-8 candy bars, honey buns, crackers etc $1 my way of saying thanks for uberring. I’ve been doing it almost 3yrs. I don’t have 5stars and don’t give a ratzasz about their rating system. I know I give my pax 10star treatment and don’t need a 5star system playing games with me. We’re independent contractors so run your business as you please