Why is Uber have a problem with my background?

So here is my question. I applied for Uber everything that I have insurance everything is good. How can they tell me I am not eligible to drive for them because of something that happened 6 years ago which was an open container and DUI if I’m not there employee? Since the 6 years ago I have obtained a maritime security license D and G security license a TWIC badge and none of these places have any problem with my background why is this a problem for Uber?

So you have an open container and a dui on your driving record and youre wondering why a company that drives people doesnt want you driving? Those other things you mentioned do not have to do with driving.

A person cant change their life? I did my time payed my bill and changed my life . Have you ever speed in your car?

Future is dictated by the past. And unfortunately the past is the only thing we have to rely of when attempting to predict the future. Sooo. You have those that drink and drive with open containers and those that would even consider doing that. There are far too many that wouldn’t even consider it for Uber to choose from versus taking a “chance” with someone who did.

No one is saying you cant change your life but actions have consequences. Because of your actions you will never get a transportation job thats just the way it is. No one is telling you that you cant explore another field (like you did when you got those other clearances).

You Shouldn’t even had been that position to require a defense. Just somethings you can’t “talk” your way out of. Actions speak louder than words.

Uber is supposed to fight that case for you…no, they look up the record and it says…found guilty or pled guilty to DUI…you are done

Just how would you defend the DUI? You get to decide your defense when you are charged with any crime. The public defender does not chose for you, you get to make this decision. DUI’s are normally pretty easy to prosecute. You take a breath to blood test and the numbers decide. If you refuse, officers are well trained to observe your behaviors, by the way an opener container pretty much seals that case. You did something wrong, its good you don’t do this any longer, 6 years is not a long time in the grans scheme, maybe 4-5 years from now they will have a different stance on whether to allow your past convictions to block you from transporting people.

Keep trying to better yourself. Have you thought about driving truck? Some companies will look past a 6 year DUI. they’ll also pay you to go through CDL school just have to sign a contract and stay with them for so long usually 6 months to a year

Would you want your child riding with someone with your driving record or Someone that has no record. Hmmm :thinking:

Simple…Uber is a driving position, and the DUI directly affects that decision…if you got a DUI, you should not be allowed to drive customers around…

DUI is a never drive policy same with a felony. U cannot drive!!0 tolerance and I agree 100%. I would not want to get into a rideshare with a driver that had a prior DUI

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Let’s be real here its about risk.

The headline uber driver gets in crash is a lot better than uber driver with history of drinking and driving gets in crash.

DUI’s come with higher insurance premiums. It doesn’t make good business sense for Uber or any other transportation company to hire anyone with a DUI. It isn’t personal.

You are lucky you even still have a driver’s license and thank the good lord you didnt kill somebody that night and you weren’t charged with murder you dummy! One of our biggest problems in America is people driving under the influence like you and I sure wish our penalties were much stiffer for the first offense. If they were more of a deterrent to begin with in the first offense maybe people like you wouldn’t make bad decisions in the first place. Dont blame Uber for your stupidity. Move on already! I don’t give a shit you did your time and paid your fine - waa waa waa :frowning: one DUI should equal loss of driving privilege forever. So easily preventable and just stupid to get behind the wheel. Good day and good luck. I for one am glad Uber banned you.

Lyft won’t take him either. It’s not Uber as much as it is their insurance carrier. After all, they do pay the insurance while with a rider.

what do you do for your other job? I too have a TWIC card, cleared for nukes also. I’m a Millwright local 1163

That’s like saying, I tried to rob a bank 15 years ago and got caught. After paying my dues in the prison, I got out as a changed person. However when I tried to apply at the local bank. They wouldn’t hire me. DUHHHHH…

Uber won’t hire a DUI but yet you can have a DUI at least 6 years old and can be a truck driver. So you can’t haul people but you can drive 80,000lbs down the interstate 🤷