Why does Uber allow passengers to enter their pickup address but no destination?

The other night I had three guys in the car they wanted to stop at McDonald’s and I told them I have to take them straight to their destination why do they think they can break the agreement by taking us off course there would have been no tip involved in that either I’m sure. how do you handle all this

That’s what I will say next time but I’ll say $5 upfront because I wouldn’t trust these people to divvy up 5 bucks at the end of the trip.

Exactly. Stick your hand in their face and tell that’ll be $5. Remind them that you make minimum wage and that driving around late at night is probably the most dangerous thing that these hipsters are probably going to do all day.

Unless it’s raining 5-8 mph over the speed limit is generally safe practice. (many jurisdictions start 9mph-12mph over) However, you are the driver. If someone tells you how to drive feel free to end the trip and politely ask them to call a new uber.

Remember, this is just an app on your phone. You are your own boss. A lot of new drivers feel like Uber is their boss, and feel all kinds of anxiety. The worst thing that can happen is getting deactivated and getting a better job.

The most important part of any job is to enjoy yourself doing it. If you cannot find a way to do that driving with UBER, you owe it to yourself and the people that care for you to try to find something else as soon as possible. I mean that sincerely not sarcastically.

I would politely say uber does not cover speeding tickets so I follow posted limits. If they continue to be an ass, end ride. You’re probably getting 1*'d anyway

I don’t know how things are anywhere else but in Oklahoma City the passenger puts in a pickup location and a destination Uber calculates the time and distance and all that and they take their cut and you get maybe two or three dollars.Point A to point B I am very kind to my passengers and my concern is to get them where they’re going as quickly and safely as possible.

To reiterate, passengers are always charged based on the estimated route…drivers paid on actual time and distance. You will find this to be true in each and every U.S. market.

I tend to go a little over the speed limit. I’ve only had one pax ask me to speed so she wouldn’t be late for work. I asked her what time she needed to be there. She told me and I told her that that’s a half hour from now and we’ll be there in ten minutes. I have no idea what her deal was.

How about the one I had Monday who kept insisting that the guy sitting on my right quarter panel was “letting me in” when I wanted to make a lane change? And then freaking 4 starred me?

I used to work at the airport I never could understand why people show up about 10 minutes before their flight leaves and they’re freaking out because they have to go through screening and they are afraid they’re going to miss their flight. why don’t they show up like a hour or two ahead of Time? why should I freak out because of their stupidity?

I won’t speed and I’ve gotten a ticket for going 5mph over on a regular street (not 25mph residential, but a 35mph zone), so cops can pull you over for going over the speed limit by any amount. Whether they will or not depends on them, but any amount over the speed limit is illegal and I won’t do it.

You will be compensated depending on the time it takes and the extra mileage that it takes. Asking for a $5 or whatever compensation for it can get you deactivated if the pax reports you.

If they are on UberX, they can ask for a stop here, a stop there and a scenic tour and Uber does expect that you will honour the request. To be sure, waiting in the Burger Line tends to be unprofitable, but, Uber does expect that you will do it.

he rate for time is too low to make it worth my while to wait around for anyone, so no stops. I don’t want people to eat in my car, and I don’t trust anyone to actually wait once they have food in hand, so no drive-throughs.

I won’t break traffic laws either. For all of these things I politely explain that unfortunately Uber does not compensate me well enough to make it worthwhile. I probably get some bad ratings out of that, but my ratings in general are high enough to take the occasional hit.