Why are people expecting better from a cheaper alternative?

As a driver and a human being I have a lot of pride. Having a clean, safe car has always been important to me, UBER or not.

But what I can’t get my head around is, UBER was started as a ride share alternative to cabs and public transportation. I accept the fact that I make significantly less than a cabbie, but what bothers me, despite my personal pride, is this expectation by both PaX and UBER that a cheaper alternative should be a cut above the more expensive ones.

Perhaps you can argue that these standards has been a large part of excelling UBER into this new market. There’s an old expression “You get what you pay for.”


Fully understand I feel that my standards for UberX and Select are higher then what Uber expects from me. My customers notice the difference from regular UberX. My feelings are the same the cost of maintaince and upkeep far exceed the cost of driving my last service was just over 1200 along with a new transmission covered by extended warranty along with front end work that’s being done. Thankful I am making almost 5X more than most drivers due to my extra items I sell and other avenues of Income while I drive Uber that allow me to bank my base pay from uber and Lyft while I drive

Can’t agree more. Surprisingly greater are the expectations cheaper the fare is . I get less than 5 stars only from shared rides . I wonder what they want me to deliver in that amount

I share your sentiment. People are getting a decent ride for a low cost and done much more efficiently than the cab companies ever were. Calling us and asking where we are and if we are on our way. Get irritated when we don’t pull up to the exact address (difficult to read house numbers at times). After a few rides, there can be some accumulation of small leaves and debris from other riders and they complain the vehicle is dirty. You are absolutely right, it’s a ride sharing service not a private limo.

Hail service should have taken the queue of what the public wants - safe and clean vehicles. Along cams the Rideshare industry with for the most part offering safe and cleaner vehicles at steep discounted prices on the backs of drivers. What is lacking is passenger education of how as each and every passenger uses said vehicle it becomes soiled and drivers at times are not able to clean out mats etc. Most drivers I feel care about how their vehicles are perceived. My vehicle for instance is in no comparisons to most cabs. Judging for such bullshit as leaves in the floor left behind by passengers is such bullshit.
I’ve been in some Rideshare vehicles that are not in pristine condition but are clean. Rideshare has lulled passengers to feel self entitled feeling we are offering limo rides. My response to them is then order a limo service with all the amenities included and pay the price.

Majority are of issues are drivers. Over the years drivers have drank the Uber kool aid and purchased new vehicles and even invested significantly in vehicles to drive xl or select. Sad reality is Select rates are on par with Taxi rates.

Along with offering water, mints or other gimmicks have only solidified that riders get more for a base ride.

I have learned over the years that drivers will justify any bad decision with claims that a newer car, freebies, decorations, result in higher earnings.

With over 7k rides and a high rating, riders get a safe and clean ride from point A to B. I will share my charging cables but they are readily available. Music is played off Spotify and I will share my tablet if you want to be the DJ.

Oh yeah, I am running a $18k vehicle on XL and Select. I do not run X unless it’s high surge.

My opinion is when ordering Uber X at these rates, a driver should get something on par with a cab. Meaning a older clean and safe vehicle. XL should result in a sub $10k vehicle. Select will get you a newer vehicle that is sub $20k.

It’s a sad reality is that people chose this as a full time career. Uber and Lyft have found a niche with drivers which are desperate people that depend on the extra money, utilize rideshare to own a vehicle, or think $20 per hour before expenses is life changing money.

This all has perpetuated the vicious cycle of low rates. The carrots that have been dangled are ate up. People see bonus or quest but don’t realize what that means. It does mean extra earnings but at the cost of taking every ride. This new Uber Pro is a joke as drivers will strive to earn 6% more.

This past 6 months have been a eye opener for me where I drive specific times and areas to maximize my earnings due to the saturation.

All to point to the fact that taxi rates are that high because the taxi companies and drivers need to cover expenses to maintain a profit. This is no different than Uber but what Uber has done is lowered the rates to the point of drivers operating at a loss and Uber losing billions per year. The end game is driverless vehicles and Uber knows that they need to maintain a fleet of drivers until then.

I don’t understand that people are buying a car specifically Uber. I didn’t buy a car for Uber. I buy a car for myself. I happen to do Uber in addition to everything else I do in it. I need a car regardless of what I do. Whether I don’t do Uber or I do Uber. Even if I were unemployed I would still make sure I maintained a car.

I guess if people don’t have cars initially and they are buying cars just for Uber than they are making a bad choice.

Because in my opinion they couldn’t afford a car in the first place so buying car to drive for a job would make no sense. Those people. Uber isn’t the problem. They just have poor decision-making skills.
But using your car that, is for your personal use, for work, any and all work that you do, makes complete sense to me.

People shouldn’t buy what they can’t afford

Passengers are more than willing to pay for the better service they receive. They pay the surge rates with no problem. It’s Uber/Lyft who keep lowering rates hoping for more marketshare. If passenger rates went up 30% there would be no loss in business. They would be upset for a little while but would continue taking trips.

you have to remember the rates went up with Upfront pricing. Drivers just didn’t see any of that increase. Riders will not balk at higher rates for better service.

The issue is surge is a thing of the past and Uber knows the driver base is desperate and all they need to do is throw out a boost or quest and the ants will be on time and ready to work.

Surge is paid out of desperation or fear of not being able to get a ride. Bottom line is most riders want the cheapest ride possible which I always want to pay the least amount. But will pay more for quality or consistency.

My opinion is Uber has it figured out with upfront pricing. They charge whatever and control the driver rates. Change will happen when driverless cars take over or drivers decide that the rates are too low. Based on my observation, majority of the drivers think they are making life changing money or settle for what is it.

It’s been my observation that an it unfortunate side effect of Rideshare services is allowing peoples entitlement to go unchecked. Respect, manners and courtesy are s thing of the past. Especially in the US. How do you know you make significantly less than a cab driver? Are you familiar with the details of their operating costs, hours worked and what they earn per fare? You’re sure they don’t have your same regard for safety or pride for their vehicle?

The major difference is the cabbie isn’t using his own vehicle. Rideshare drivers have to deal with all costs of their vehicle. Expenses really start to climb as our vehicles wear out. We also have to deal with doors being slammed and passengers trailing debris into our cars.

We are living in a time when technology is redefining our transportation and economy. Best just enjoy the ride and drive until we are replaced by robots:-)