Who's your health insurance provider?

(Kenneth Miller) #1

Who’s your health insurance provider? I called Uber’s health insurance stride health they wanted a minimum of $230 per month. I decided to go for my state run health insurance $83 per month

(Preet) #2

I buy mine from the health exchange run by the state. I am 34 years old male with excellent health and my insurance rate is over $200!

(Andrew Martin) #3

Check this out Rideshare Insurance availiable in every State--List if you at to get an insurance policy I suggest you look at which companies cover your state. Each State is different and policy prices vary between states as well as companies.

(Brandon Bhangoo) #4

@andrew_martin He’s asking about health insurance. The list you mention is for car insurance.

@kenneth I would suggest signing up through the state marketplace, if your state have one. Otherwise, try Stride.

(Andrew Martin) #5

Oops, sorry, my bad.

(Ethan Gorvol) #6

General Insurance works for me just nice. Among all the companies I worked with, this one has the best professionals around for satisfying prices.