Who likes the long haul fees?

I’m wondering how you guys feel about receiving long haul fees? I don’t like them because pay doesn’t start until after the 9th minute. On busy nights I usually turn down rides longer than 5 minutes to pick up. What are your thoughts?

I like the long pickups only when it’s longer than 15 minutes. I take my time to get to them because I want to make sure that I’m getting paid enough even if the ride ended up being a short one.

I don’t think it makes sense to do long pickups when you’re in a busy area as you will most likely get a closer trip and your earnings would start rolling in before hitting the 9-minute mark.

Sounds like laziness to me. Whole idea is to give rides.

Maybe you are doing this out the goodness of your heart? For me the whole idea is to maximize profits. Driving to pick up passengers without pay doesn’t do it for me. Work smarter not harder.

If driving around burning gas for free is your thing, than so be it.

I don’t like the “possible” and “likely” bs. Especially when because of traffic you don’t get it.

Anything over 5 or 6 miles i decline, im not looking to lose money or waste my time.

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I suppose I agree with you on pick up destinations longer than 15 minutes.

I decline Lyft rides over eight or nine minutes. They sent me a request for 19 minutes last weekend which I declined. I don’t know how they plan on keeping drivers with that type of pick up time?

Laziness at it’s best

Driving long distances to pick up a fare is stupidity at its best. That’s why some people don’t make much money doing this.