Who ever is taking these privileged pax thru the drive thru's for free please stop! Especially during the club rush!

So last night I picked up these chicks from the gold room going to Emory! They asked if they could go to McDonald’s I’m like $5 or a meal! She got all snappy, other drivers do it! My smart ass dropped my sun visor and looked in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t another driver! Any who she says just drop us off there then! Mind u the inside is closed! So I dropped them, then I got in the drive thru my self as the stood there watching! They mean mugged me the entire time!

$5 or a meal if I’m hungry! And only if there is a short line or no line! If it’s wrapped I’m sorry I’m not stopping! I’ll drop u off tho!

I’m going to start telling pax that drive thru’s are free only in select/black. Would she ask for champagne in coach class? No.

1). Drive Thru (at drivers discretion)…$5.00
2). Eating/Drinking in car…$5.00
3). Extra stop (5 mins max)…$5.00
4). My AUX Cord / Your Music…$5.00…bring your own cord and SAVE $2.00!!
5). Drunk PAX…$5.00 per person

Please note…the above charges are for UBERX request only. UBERPOOL request will include a 50% surcharge in addition to the following charges below if RIDER request

1). A/C and or Heat during trip…$5.00
2). Access to power window…$2.00
3). Phone charging cables…$5.00 (max 10 min)
4). Additional stop(s)…$5.00 per request

400 prime or 3.9 or higher and we can stop at any drive thru, stop by the weed mans house, and hit the package store…:joy::joy::joy:

I’m new so I was asking because I keep hearing they won’t send good rides your way. True? And nobody offers a few extra bucks for a stop?

Right I got a bad comment long ago cause she added checker at the last min a @2 truly believing I was gonna sit in line

I do it only in surge+xl lol but sometimes I just humble and they always get me free meal or bigger tip on Uber which is rare tippers

Picked up a Buuji chick last nite, from Gold Room.
She wanted to go thru Cookout, of all places.
Im like, “IF, it is, NO, Cars there, YES! Cause we really dont get paid for waiting time.”.
She said, “How much to get you to go thru?”
“At Least $10.”
“Well, i’ll just order UberEats!”.

I feel you saturday picked up 4 chicks from the club they took their time coming out went to krystals then went over by the AUC. EFFFED ME UP

I stopped in a drive thru once and was nice. No tip plus passenger left her keys and this group thought it was best if i was nice and wasted time and money returning her keys.