Who else both Uber and Lyft apps?

I run Uber and Lyft apps at the same time and take the call coming first whichever app while switching off the other app…who does this too and does it appear more profitable than working each app solo or is it vice versa?

I do the same thing and is more profitable but also depends on the local volume and riding habits of the local population

I only do Uber. It’s likely more to do with market but I believe running both apps will lose money for me. Turning your app on and off affects how quickly you’ll get requests.

To have an accurate study, you would have to have two drivers in the same spot, at the same time. How is that possible?

The proof about the acceptance rate is written (see attached pic above)
As far as the on/off, I seem to recall a message I received from Uber that stated something about how long you’re online. I’ll try to find the message.
Everything I said is based on conversations with fellow drivers, things written by Uber (acceptance rate) and message(s) from Uber.

I cxl and refuse requests all the time. If I’m in a busy spot and I go online, I can get a request in seconds. They just want us to stay online. The official statement you provided is very vague and doesn’t even make sense to me. I wouldn’t worry about it.

when you’re in a busy market. The only “official” statement I provided was a screenshot of what it says about the acceptance rate. Most of the rest is something I’m surmising based on conversations and messages.

If you are referring to acceptance rate, the only time it can affect you is when you are working on power driver bonus. Uber’s acceptance rate is not an issue. If you’re working on pdb and you accept an Uber trip but then a Lyft request pops up before you can take Lyft offline, just take the Lyft and cxl Uber.

I keep both on until 145 am on Saturday night uber gets a huge surge here every Saturday at 2

Have had both apps running simultaneously but was pinged for UBER as I was accepting it and second pinged at the same time by LYFT which changed the destination for the UBER rider, Picked up the UBER rider but the wrong destination, she had to give directions (1 star !) LYFT rider called and complained that I was not coming for her. she then canceled. So I now use Mystro and run both apps auto instant switching But you can set Preferences auto toggle back on with UBER’s 10-minute logoff msg, and best of all you can set Pax min rating, max p/u distance, surge level, and Long distance acceptance rides. 30-day free trial. Please use referral code CODE3176.

I use Driver Companion on Android to help make switching between apps quicker. I wanted more freedom than Mystro gave me when it first came out. But I haven’t used it in a long time. Maybe it has improved to my requirements.

I run both at the same time. Turn on the other when with almost 1/2 mile fro drop off if not given my next ride. Works for me. It took me a while to get a solid rhythm on how I run. Y business