Who Choose Restaurant Location, Customer or Doordash?

I picked up an order at Jersey Mike’s today and delivered it 8 miles away. There was a Jersey Mike’s closer to the destination than the one I picked up at. It happened last week as well at Firehouse Subs where there was a location closer to the destination. My question is, do the customers order from a specific location or does doordash select the location to pick up the food? I feel like telling the customer where the closest location is just for their future reference.

I have had the same experience too many times to count. Another issue I have noticed is that I will be sent to a restaurant in a mall food court with insanely difficult parking, yet there is another restaurant across the street with zero parking issues. I found out about the other restaurant across the street from a food court employee.

Here is what I was told. DD sends the order to the restaurants they are partners with. If there are ten chain restaurant in your city, then DD may only be partnered with four. They will send the order to the restaurant they are partnered with.

If the order has already been paid, then it’s going to be at the said location. If you have to pay with your red card, it can be any other place (if closer, the better) On the website where customers order food, they may provide a list of the same place ex: Starbucks, but the customer really has to consider the location too. In my market, there are 10-20 Starbucks with different addresses even though the city has more than 20. I guess it also depends if the store is able to afford tablets and tech to make a profit via Doordash and other food delivery services.

Doordash picks and it might be due to that specific location might be the only one that supports doordash such like Wingstop there are 2 locations where I live, and I found out the one we are directed to is the one that’s supported by doordash the other one will turn you away even though they are the same company it’s all corporate choosing as which ones are going to support doordash.

It depends on the type of restaurant. If it is fast food, then I can go to any location with a couple of exceptions. It is hit or miss with everything else. The perfect example is Baskin Robbins in my area. Even though I place the order, the card will only work at the given location. There is a Baskin Ribbons that orders are faxed to and are already paid for; it’s a location that is partnered with DD while all the other locations are not. Go figure.

I was told by one of the restaurant’s owners that he is partnered with doordash. He receives orders via fax and receives payment with the order directly. Most places we have to place the order with are not doordash partners.

I, unfortunately, thought the same thing with fast food & red card. Had an order for TB, which is my fave! I had to go to the one where I was nearest at but the customer’s location I knew there was one only a mile away! I was literally 10 miles away, & no they do not work with DD?? I don’t know what to say, but maybe like Papa Johns, they are independently owned, so maybe fast food franchises are doing that too?