Who allow pets in the car?

I’ve had pets 2-3 times and it doesn’t bother me in the least. One guy actually called me while in route and asked if I mind. I said absolutely not, if you can hold him on your lap and thanked him for asking me. The others stood outside car and asked before getting in and my response was the same. I love animals and anyone traveling with one must love them too! I’m certain they were all 5 star happy K9!

Most pax will try to be sneaky and not give the driver a heads up by calling or text before the pick up. I’m usually cool with animals but it’s gotta be a service animal in order for me to take them.

I happen to love animals and will gladly accept pax with pets. I find nothing wrong with a trip to the vet. My only requirement is the pax have a towel or blanket on rainy days.

Because this is a resort area, I carry a dog cover in the storage compartment. If they have a dog I explain it’s for other customers who may be allergic to pet dander. It’s also for people coming back from the beach who may be dirty and/or sandy.

I’ll take cats if they are friendly cats. Usually let them smell my hand first.
Yes to service dogs. No to hyperactive, demanding dachshunds. Yes to pit bulls, pugs. No to large birds of prey.

I carry treats for doggies. Some of these millennials don’t like to tip but I solicit a tip explaining that I have to spend a few minutes logging off and missing potential income brushing out the back seat. Not a big deal but it is something I need to do for the next pax.

When you guys cancel for pets, do you follow up with Uber and explain? What if you get too many pets in a row and end up with too many cancellations?

Har, lol! My dog, who can hear you bite a soft cookie from another floor and on the other side of the house will rip a human in half just to get a slim Jim. And then look at you with inquireing eyes and tilted head asking, “wut body?”

That would likely never happen you are more likely to get pets once a week if you do it all. If one thing kills your cancellation rate you are living on the edge. Even with no shows my cancellation rate has never gone above 10%.

Only one so far…and it was this tiny little dog that sat there shivering and breathing heavy the whole time. Maaan tiny dogs are anxious…they make me feel anxous just looking at them lol

But if someone had a bigger dog or one that looked like a shedder, Id have to say no and cancel the trip. I have a dog, hes never been in my car, and just from contact, I keep finding his hairs in there. I hate to think what actually having a dog like that in my car would do. Id be too busy vacuuming to get rid of the hair to get ont he road and make any money. Not worth it!

Sometimes I wish I could take food and leave his human behind
I keep a bag of dog treats handy. Puperoni works best. One dark morning I was taking a young man to work. Right as I entered a particularly challenging freeway interchange, his hand found the bag of treats. He helped himself to some of the contents.

Cute story…gay flamboyant guy, hands all over the place ranting all the way to Angel Memorial to pick up his “stupid” (his words) cat that just cost him $500 to have her stomach pumped from eating a bottle of his meds. He didn’t say what kind of medication it was but he did say $500 wasn’t the worst of it, the worst part is the husband is still berating him for not securing the cover tighter!

That just freaked me out too! When you said “trunk” you meant…back of car/truck where it has closed secured windows to see out not a latched closed trunk, oh my!!!

I’ve no problem with dogs, but again, 4runner makes it easier than a Prius. Every pax with pooches has been polite enough to call quickly and let me know about the dog and to make sure it’s ok. One gal (with the larger dog) said she gets told no a lot - even one time when she was trying to get her dog to the vet. I get it from the drivers’ side, but still I find that sad.