Whiny Uber drivers are whining about exist with actual cab companies

Uber is no better and even if they were regulated by the same rules it wouldn’t be any better. Now that the “ME” generation has gotten a taste of what real work is and what happens when a behemoth of a company does what it wants because it can, the “ME” generation is whining and crying like they used to do, the difference is Uber is not your Mommy and Daddy and they aren’t here to wipe your nose and cater to you.

Drivers could still say that now because Uber sets the rates. In a true IC relationship the driver should be billing Uber for the use of the service the driver is providing to Uber. When you hire a contractor to do work on your house, the contractor comes in and tells you how much its going to cost you for their service, you don’t tell the contractor what you are going to pay, they tell you.

Good point. Facts are that’s starting to change. It’s now mandated here that drivers accept plastic. If they say they can’t a rider does not have to pay and they are reported. That game will only last so long.

Again cab drivers get paid in cash most of the time

You can dismiss this if you wish but reality average driver makes more than 30K

Using a more realistic low estimate of 40k

You will need to gross 60K to get net 40k with uber that is 6000 rides a year
or 17 rides a day every single day of the year with a 10.00 dollar per ride average

Math tell me unles you are willing to work every day of the year
About 10hr per day
You will not match a cab driver

I have to agree with that statement. Cab drivers in most cities will make the same if not more than driving for Uber. This will depend on the location and the rates in whatever city you select.

Cash is a big part of hiding income. But this is going to become more of an issue in future. Cash is getting outdated for Taxi service. I can see in future all companies moving to payment cards for those who don’t have bank cards or credit cards. Closed loop systems you can buy from stores. (Drivers will pay a % back to the company when it’s used).

It also depends where you drive a cab. I drove a cab in central NJ, not in a big city. The cabs don’t have meters, Dispatch tells you where to go and tells you how much the fare will be.

The only time we picked up off the street was at the main bus station if someone just got off the bus or after dropping off at the mall and someone wanted a ride, and you had to call back to dispatch to get the fare. You couldn’t cheat dispatch because they knew where you were by the GPS in the Nextel phone we used for communication.

I drove Tues-Sat, 10 hours a day 8am-6pm and took home average $65-75 a day including tips. All cash payout. Some days you made a $100, some days you made $40. At night, especially Fri and Sat you can make $90-$100. But even at $100 a day, 5 days a week is only $500, before taxes(cough, cough). That’s not 30k. Its going to vary area by area, city by city.

No way, not at NJ rates. I drove in Freehold, its got a main bus station and a big mall and right on Route 9 which is a major road that runs through NJ. Its not even a small NJ town and I would never drive there as an Uber driver.

Actually its not. Companies that use independent contractors do it all the time. They have you sign a contract with a non compete clause that states you will not do work for any other company in the same business at the same time.

Doesn’t make you an employee, they are still contracting you. The control over how you perform the work for the company and the right to pick and choose jobs is more important when determining an employee vs. independent contractor.