When you purchase a line, you purchased a wait. Peroid

Sooo she’s mad… apartment complex no gate code… But maim you was not on time! What flight you tryna catch on a lyft line which could possibly be interrupted if someone added on…??.. then MAIM U REALLY MAD cause i completed 4 rides n a 5$ cash tip since then… should I screenshot an report this ignorance!? Lol i didnt respond

I would have replied with “you’re welcome, and God bless ya”
There are no better come back than kindness, it will fuck their say up

finally get why my cab driving daddy was pounding nails into furniture on the porch instead of driving lol Well she got what she paid for. When you purchase a line, you purchased a wait. Peroid.

Knowing these customers can be Petty.
Would <3 to send her this pic with Phrase,
“?? Lyft Line & gambling to catch a Flight!?!?”

Buncha faultless victims. I encounter this same crap with Amazon flex. No gate code after hours, no package for you. No one has time to break their neck to run around the world to please for pennies.

Hear the side of a passenger who never entered my car lol let me know what her bitter asss says after she catches that FLIGHT!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::thinking: dum dum

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Yes report her. She will be big mad when she tries to request another ride only to find out that she has been deactivated for sending you this message :joy:

I would. Never understood lyft and pool riders, last minute pings… trying to catch a flight and “hope” you get them there on time😳

Pls report. Who actually types and sends profanity? This written proof may be enough for infraction against the rider and/or some kind of compensation to you, I would think.

If they’re right, they’re right. I don’t think any driver should stand for being insulted/ spoken to in a profane manner. Plus, if a pax will do that to one of us, they’ll do it the next driver as well.

You should’ve replied with a pic of you and Bow Wow and a Private Jet and said “Me and bae about to take off for London. Was going to ask if you wanted us to drop you off, but then you called me out my name.”

You should report this. Number one if she wasn’t on time, and did not give a gate code until after fact, plus it’s a Lyft line ride, her rating of the trip could reflect negatively for you. Even if she doesn’t do anything, you should always report what happened on your end so if you are given a bad rating, Lyft can intercept or monitor your rating. I had something similar happen to me but instead of them being late, the passenger insisted that the gate she needed to be at was South Terminal, which according to her was the international terminal. I tried asking her to allow me to take her to the designated place, that I knew she needed to be but her irate response and actions, caused me to comply to get rantings. Finally her husband said let the driver try her way and told her to be quite. And we arrived at the terminal she needed. She cussed me out but her husband tipped me and thanked me for not blowing my cool. She two weeks later made a complaint and gave me a rating of 4. Luckily I had reported the text messages and recorded her rant and emailed the team. My rating was good and I’m still a Lyft/Uber driver.