When technology start

Some of you are beyond ignorant in this group . Yes we know it’s technology where bugs and glitches will happen . However some people do depend on instant pay and cash out everyday for whatever that reason may be. Maybe a bill is due … maybe they are living in a hotel or room and pay daily . All of us have very different situations as to why we drive . Some of us are more fortunate then others . If instant pay being down does not affect you then take advantage of the drivers who turned their app off and drive … that’s it .
Just try to be more humble because anyone of us can lose everything we have in the blink of an eye and become one of those that have to cash out everyday .
What if this continues until the 1st of next month …:for those that know you depend on this to put towards your rent or all of your rent ? Will you find it funny then ?
Some of y’all are whole grown ass men and women … grow up a little bit …

Well said! Until you walk in someone else’s shoes no one should judge another from where they sit.

Does anyone know if lyft still only allows only 1 direct deposit per day?? yes but is that still only once per day/24 hour period of time? I called them they said 5 as well but I don’t have much faith in customer service right now

U never know someone situation and anyones can change in a blink of an eye! Uber mite not pay yall on Tuesday! Then what? Ill wait!
Be kind. Be nice. STAY HUMBLE

Exactly! I work a full time job with benefits but I hustle Lyft/Uber because I MF NEED TOO! So when I provide a service I wanna get PAID FOR IT. No matter if I have $1 in my account of $1M!

Yup! In the past, I’ve had to make a quick $50-$100 to pay someone, pay a bill, get the rest of rent up, keep my lights on, people could be avoiding a REPO! Etc! It’s not always like this, but trust, someone WILL be royally fucked over and it’s not their fault.

Exactly! I’m in the situation where I need my money for the rides I’ve done. I also want to go back out and Uber but being that the moral of the situation makes me not want to get out there. Plus I need the money to continue the hustle. Mainly gas to put in the car to keep it going.

Uber’s pay period now ends at noon on Tuesday. I have my pay 12 hours later via direct deposit to my checking account. Therefore your statement about Uber holding your money for a couple of days is not really accurate.

It was, and I dont need your correction it’s my money…not that I need to explain but I will, my money wasn’t credited till Thursday…again my money and my reason…

its accurate for most ppl who dont have “your bank account.” Its definitely accurate for me. You really didnt add much to the situation with your comment…lol Ppl need to go back to literature class. I said if I dont do instant pay, I gotta wait a few days too

I was driving this weekend because I have to unexpectedly buy a laptop for my new carrier. I own a Macbook Air but the company’s software doesn’t work on a Mac which I wasn’t told before. If I can’t cash out, I can’t buy it by Monday. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Okay only took an hour but was able to speak with someone. He confirmed the number of trips that I took last night and our numbers match (yay) and he also told me what my payout will be once the system is back up and running.

They have no idea when but said we’ll be notified through the app and our email when things are back to normal again.

Some of these comments are rude as fuck smdh. No reason why we have to talk to people crazy smh. Why knock a person if they want to cash out. We dont know what people situations are smdh.

Thanks for speaking the Truth-Ruth.
Interestingly some of the “gentlemen” on here who have been most critical have other lucrative side gigs, full time jobs, or are Uber vets earning much more than most of us. Really easy to be smugg.

It’s no Lyft or Uber problems you have. Something always happen with that app so please make a plan B because we don’t want to listen to them cry !!! If you cry what the babies going to do!!