When someone ask me about Uber...Not too concerned about getting deactivated

I straight up tell passengers there are issues with Uber, and this is just a weekend job for me. They ask me about the rating system- I tell them it’s flawed and Uber is known to razz drivers that fall below a 4.6, etc. Passengers have told me it’s nice to know that and I actually tell them 5 stars are important unless you’ve had a rude driver or the car was uncomfortable- we don’t get any feedback as to what our passengers are saying. Yes, I speak the truth and have also been asked about whether they should think about driving for Uber. I tell them, the wear and tear on your car, and the very low fares in Phoenix make it hard to make good money. You have to work late and get some surge pricing to make decent money. They appreciate my honesty, believe me. I have given passengers lots of honest and useful info on Uber and ratings, etc. I literally get asked by almost every customer how I like Uber… I don’t hold anything back.

When a rider asks me any questions on what I do - I just tell them I like driving, they always ask which company is better, and I say neither - they are almost all the same. I try not to go into detail, because generally riders are looking for “drama” or whatever - general human nature right? Some pax have a strong opinion that they either like x company or hate x company. I don’t lie or pull any punches. I tell them what I make, and that I work only part time. They ask if it’s worth it, and I tell them, it’s worth it for me, for now - which is again the truth.

I’m not aware of many circumstances where it’s appropriate, when asked, “Do you like your job?” to reply, “No, it sucks, and here are all the reasons why…”

The question itself is inappropriate, so the goal should be to politely deflect it. My canned response is typically, “When it works, it works well…” and leave it at that.

Tell it the way you see it.
Be polite and don’t vent, if you don’t like driving for Uber.
If you like driving for Uber, don’t be effusive in your praise.
Fair and Balanced.

I tell my pax the truth, that Uber are nothing but snakes in the grass, and that the gig used to be good, but not anymore with them cutting my earnings by 33% , pax love it, always get a 5* rating, I tell it like it is, never sugar coat it. And no candy or water served, I am a taxi service not a 7 eleven.

I just tell them that I’ll never get rich doing it. There’s no upward mobility being a driver. But I counter that with how it’s really a perfect second job. I can do it whenever I want, or not do it all if I’m not feeling it.

I tell them it is ok for a part time job as long as I get longer rides. And when asked about my rating…my answer is “I dont care about my rating because I know i know i do my job well!”

Coz the person you are driving might be an uber employee. You’ll be deactivated before you get home. Even though the hand that feeds you is just serving kibble, there will be no more kibble.

They ask how you like the job because they envision it as being a piece of cake, because it is. I tell them I love it, and that I only dislike the slow periods and the trips that go from one certain area of Cleveland to another, because that trip involves some seriously rough roads.

I tell them just like any other job, it has good and bad things but overall it is positive for me and the good things outweigh the bad ones. That’s why I do it. i try to make a supplemental income of $1k a month and so far I am meeting my objectives. So I will continue doing it hoping I have even better track record for when Uber hopefully adds tipping as an option and raises rates a bit to make it even better.

sometimes lying can be benefical… like telling the passenger that uber doesn’t allow tips thru the app because they’re care deeply about the drivers enough, that we should be tipped in cash.

First, let me say that I’ve always been honest with my pax about how I feel about Uber. If the ride is long enough, I also told them the reasons why, ratings, compensation, tip policy, vehicle wear and tear. I have found that your ratings do suffer, and they do complain.

Because the rest of the country does not have to get a FHV license, commercial taxi insurance, commercial taxi registration, FHV TLC license plates “not regular plates that you get at the DMV for your personal car” , fingerprint and background checks by the TLC, annual drug tests, 4 car inspections a year, and no one else can drive the car besides you, and someone else with a FHV license, also we pay 20% to Uber, 9% sales tax on the fair, and 2% black car fund, total of 31% before you take any car expenses into account “gas, insurance, car payments, depreciation, maintenance”

Enjoy what rates, these rates are dirt cheap for nyc. People who don’t operate any business in nyc have no clue in regards to economics, heck 80% of the posters here have no clue about business economics.