When passenger share story

As a mother I am conflicted, for the 2nd time in my RS existence lol…I have been asked to transport a really young minor. At what point do you say as a parent, I have no choice, but to entrust my child to a stranger? I know how hard it is being a single mother, been there done that, so its hard for me to say no, but man these lives we bring into this world are so precious to just be careless with…maybe I got a mom vibe and they think its ok but I would never…:slightly_frowning_face:

you do realize uber has the “other person” option to ride right?? That’s how my son rides when needed. well that’s a risk I’ll take. I’ve been doing it why stop now?? Yall kill me acting like y’all follow all the rules :roll_eyes:

We still aren’t covered for transporting anyone under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult. I’m sure everyone doesn’t follow every rule. This is just a case where Uber won’t cover the driver if any accident happens. If you still take minors, that’s fine, but like I originally said, it’s a liability.

I grew up in time where parents didn’t have uber & lyft & they figured it out. Not trying to be mean, but minors shouldn’t use it, hence the policy.

It’s a different time because I grew up catching the city bus to school, like 2nd grade. I didn’t know what a a yellow school bus was until I moved here. I’m saying that to say kid’s used to be left alone alot in my day (latch key kids) but the kid alone while the parent out of state/country is too much. I don’t want to leave my 18 & 16 year old to watch my 9 year old for a weekend…lol

You’re right, but uber/lyft isn’t a requirement to successfully raise your children or care for them. You can do what you have to do with your children without those apps.

Me too! I grew up in NYC taking the bus and a train from Canarsie to downtown Brooklyn. I was totally fine… did that all of my middle school years. But i would never touch these Marta buses or trains as a grown woman, The people seem so different. Not the mind your business type

Yea it was a different time I agree…but the world is different…I was latch key too… probably 2 or 3rd grade, but this world is so different. And the first one was wayyyyy worse, that mother didn’t say, but four words to me and sent her 11 year old from College Park to Columbus in an Uber with a stranger…This mother hated to do it I could tell, but that other mother been abandoning her kid for years I could also tell

I only took a young kid to school that was like 10 from the city to the outskirts on an uber pool! I was definitely judging the mom like why would you do an uber pool… needless to say originally the kid was in the back and I had to pick up others so I was like wow you’ll never make it to school on time, put him in the front seat and just took him to school. I was annoyed she did that but when I dropped him off she wrote a really nice note and tipped heavily so… I guess it worked out well. Still judging her tho

She would have to change that to an X but I wouldn’t have taken a 10 year old alone her ass would have had to get in the car

An Uber Pool, so not only did she put her child in an Uber with you ( a stranger) she absolutely didn’t know who else was getting in (Pool) smh. I would’ve made her change to X too

My biggest problem is when these people tell me we need to go pick up their kid and put a one year old in a seat belt. I adjust my rear view mirror to look them in the eye and be like ma’am, are you serious. Where is your car seat.

Maybe its just me…but I transport most minors above the age of 12 because as a mother I would hate if I cancelled the ride and a pervert driver picked up the kid I would not forgive myself.

My sister and I used to catch public buses by ourselves back in the day as well. But there’s just so much going on now, parents need to make better decisions. Thats how i grew up back in ny

Exactly why I don’t play about that policy. I don’t want to be wrapped up in an unfortunate story involving a child. Why put freedom on the line
Let’s focus on eradicating Pools first.