When do we start the trip?

I am now starting the trip once I see the person. Or sometimes when they call or text saying they will be right out. I have waited as much as 10 minutes for one PAX before I started doing this. It’s not that much but every minute counts.

I also turn off my engine if it has been 1 min and I’m parked safely. Same goes for my Lyft riders.

Cheeks in the seat start the trip! Don’t start it before they see you, If you have to cancel the ride because of a no show they can 1* and that will add up fast, If I have a bad address or the pax calls looking for me when I’m next to the piin and he is on the other side of the street, I “No Show” the rider, that way he gets charged and doesn’t get to rate me! Most of the time these guys know the tricks and try to F with you, I just leave them standing on the other side of the road… The less then 5*'s will guide you where you go and what you do!

that was what i did in the beginning. now once i am sure i am at the rider’s location, i start the trip.
i am in a dilemma though. i want to drive away and cancel as ‘no show’ after 5 minutes, which i believe gets you paid.

i am not sure what you mean. same ‘no show’ but one can rate while others cannot?
why do you no show when rider is on the other side of the street? gps is often not that accurate.

i have to disagree that drunk finger move the pin. a move of the pin is not going to be across the street. it can easily be miles. when i tried to enlarge the rider app, i often accidentally move the pin. very often the gps leads me to the back of the building while rider is at the front. the difference in distance is much larger than across the street.

My rating has been dropping everyday non-stop even though i am very good in finding the rider now. maybe i’ll try to cancel the ‘right outs’ and see if it helps, but then i will have to stop accepting rides that are more than 5 minutes away i guess.

My rating started dropping since i started rating them lower than 5 stars!
i am pretty sure questioning about stops lowered my rating - ‘is it going to be longer than 5 min?’ ‘i can only wait up to 5 min’ and i have yet to say ‘no stops’, or ‘no fast food runs’

I like to the same when I’m on a major avenue and they tell me to make a “huey”
I rather cancel and waive my hand bye bye !

Send in a request, sometimes they pay up sometimes they don’t I ***** till they pay something! They have notes in my file that I ***** a bunch!!! You ave to, this is BS that they think they don’t have to pay.

so you accept 100% meaning even if the request is 15 minutes away. so you can drive 7 miles to the rider only to cancel it without waiting even 1 minute? that would result in loss of money and time, wouldnt it?

today this woman made me wait 5 minutes and she came out when i was hesitating. she ended tipping $10 on $17 trip and i am pretty sure she gave me 5*

This is the right way to do it, I did the same driving taxi, do not begin trip until you know everyone is cool with you and you know where you are going, I have put 4 clients out of my car, a lot easier to do if you have not started trip, don’t forget to email uber support, if lyft you can call to make a report.

This may be obvious, but humor me…why wouldn’t you want them to sit behind you? The right passenger seat is also behind you. Sometimes depending on which side of the street they need to enter from, someone sits on the left back seat instead of the right. Is it a problem??

I need to be better about this. Like you, I don’t start the trip until I have them with me. Where I suck is that I stop the ride as soon as it goes in ‘park’, which isn’t in my best interest. I need to train myself to only stop the ride after all passengers and their stuff are out and the doors closed. From my understanding, this is the only way to really be protected (by insurance) if a pax decided to open the door into traffic or something.

The cost of them getting out of the vehicle is negligible, unless they take quite some time to get out of the car, and in that case, they should be paying for your time. If they ask, I would just cite insurance reasons. If they’re in my car, the trip is active. Only once did I end the ride while the client was still in the car. It was at the end of the ride, and he wanted to know the ride total so he could give me a tip.