What's your waiting threshold?

So what is everyone’s take on this. Just picked up a multiple stop ride and stop 1 is Stop and Shop. Been waiting about 10 minutes. I cant cancel the ride and leave because he left his backpack in the car and I’m not going to go look for him to give it to him. If there was no backpack are you cancelling and leaving?

I only wait five minutes. Unfortunately for you, that rider left his backpack in your car. Be sure to give him a one star rating.

You got PLAYED when the PAX left something in the car. That is the PLOY they use. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. I once had a lady want to leave her little girl (toddler) in the car while she went into quick check. that was my LAST Multi-Stop ride. I don’t do them any more. :innocent:

Been there. When I first started I had it happen to me and of course I wasn’t thinking and allowed it so don’t feel bad.

I would have cancelled on them and bought the backpack to them in the store. My explanation was that Uber only gives 3 minutes. I got him to the ploy the first week. I informed them that they have to take their belongings with them and they have three minutes. I don’t care about 1 star rating just don’t try to play me

I tell them that when adding stops is only for drop and go. If the stop is longer than 2 minutes he needs to take all of his/her belongings. The whole nonsense that you get 0.30 cents/minute is bull since that is before taxes. You are losing money while waiting. Next time advised them that you will cancel the trip if they take long. As far personal belongings they need to take it with them. I average $25 to $27/hour so $18 before taxes es is not gonna cut it

On Uber if you are waiting for the passenger and have not yet started the ride comma after 2 minutes you get around 23 or 24 cents a minute depending on when you started driving. After you start the ride if you stop somewhere and have to wait for them you’re only getting $0.11 a minute or $0.12 a minute depending again on the date you started driving. On Lyft you don’t get the 23 or 24 cents a minute before you begin the ride, you only get $0.11.

Should’ve drove around the lot in circles to get more money. That’s pretty rude of the rider to do that to you. Some people treat us like garbage

Everyone here keep saying: send it back to Uber/Lyft you all fail to realize that he/she did not forgot their belongings instead you drove away, and if they get pissed off they can actually call the police which can bring you up in charges for theft. If you are charge with theft you can actually get deactivated for “major” reason, so just tell them to take their stuff with them. Another thing depending where you are and this from my experience you could get pulled over and you are the one with the bag and they have contraband you can end up in serious trouble. Bergen, Mercer, Monmouth counties have nothing to do other than justify their job so, be mindful of those scenarios.

I think at the 5 minute mark i would have gone in, given them their backpack, explained that stops are limited to 2 minutes, and left.

You are still on the clock you are being paid for the wait wait for some one who was shopping in Shoprite waited 45 minutes far was 35 dollars from lyft and 5 dollar tip not bad for one hour

Wait time is a killer. People think they can go shopping for a minimum fare while you sit there and wait for 11 cents per minute while they cruise the isles! GTFOH!