Whats up these customers today?

I worked as a professional chauffeur/limo driver for over 12 years from the late 70s thru the early 90s (I know…I know…I’m an OLD fart😎) I bought a house and earned a bachelor degree all while driving full time. Customers then paid my company(s) $50 to $120 per hour with a 3 or 4 hour minimum for basically the same services we provide today. The only difference is the car was much longer. I commonly earned more in tips than my $15 to $20 hourly wage.
I recently started with Uber/Lyft and I LOVE doing it. I am, however, VERY disappointed in the tipping protocol/system. I personally provide a clean, comfortable, upscale vehicle, it’s fuel & maintenance, along with accommodating, courteous, prompt, safe professional service. Passengers now verbally appreciate my services, but cash tips are rare and most don’t add even a dollar to a $9 ride even when I stop at a convenience store and wait for them (at 12 CENTS per minute!) or lift & load their luggage, etc. etc. Some tell me they’re going to add a big tip for my trouble and then don’t… I guess because they know they’ll likely never see me again.

Blame Uber. They trained the pax not to tip. What city do you drive? Maybe someone in that city can tell you what they do to get more tips.

Agreed. Uber started out brain washing pax not to tip. And I’m sorry but ten people a day tell me I’ll tip you on app. And I get 1-3 only. Maybe it’s just bs talk but I find it odd and think they really do nab our tips. Or call it a system glitch lol

I agree that Uber set the presedent…telling pax they didn’t have to tip. So now that it’s in the app as an option, they view it as such, an option.

Before tipping in the App I would make 200 to 300 a week in cash tips… now I’m lucky to make 50 a week since the tip app was introduced. All this did was make the good tippers not tip anymore.

And whatsmore is in St. Louis, we have drivers who say they don’t expect tips and noone should. It’s your job. :flushed: I smh and keep on working my own personal system.

It seems that other people who work in the service industry and people who are in vacation are the ones who tip. Also some people who can’t afford it.

Understand the science to getting tipped and you will never want to drive Lyft

walk in to a bank you normally see green. It makes the human brain think of money. I offer candy and chargers they see that extra level of service. Also they see the previous cash tips left feel obligated to show they also appreciate a high level of service and most importantly it shows how much other people left” no one knows how much to tip”. Know I’ve taken out my candy jar and presto less tips by allot.

Can’t totally blame Uber for lack of tips. It’s actually bad for bartenders, waitstaff etc. I’ve been talking to a lot of people in the service industry and tipping isn’t like it used to be. Don’t know why.

They all know tipping is allowed, they just dont wanna do it. It’s a generational thing. I’ve noticed the younger crowd is just more interested in themselves. There is a huge lack of community values and they cant lift their faces away from their phones

I have been driving for the past 6 months, since I retired. I love it. Each ride is a new adventure. I usually work from DFW airport. Love the longer rides. I am averaging $20/hr with tips included. I setup a spreadsheet to track all the weekly pay. Remember all those payments cumulate into a nice paycheck at the end of the week. What I found is I am working 29 hours average per week. Not too bad for a 69 years young driver working part time.

Cause # 1 uber promoted non tipping for years. # 2 when adding the tip option in the app was the worse thing they did. Before the tip option rider would tip or not. Now with the option in the app it makes then feel good saying they’ll tip in the app then they don’t

You provide a car service to former bus customers. As long as there are drivers willing to drive for pennies, there will be riders willing to take advantage of it.

There is no incentive to add it. Literally there are thousands of people who are happy to take you for less if they could.

same situation w me … I’m always professional, friendly & drive well… But most riders these days are cheap misers… Bottom line is, I don’t plan on or expect tips. It saves me from disappointment… When I do get a tip I’m pleasantly surprised.