What you need to know before working with Uber

Before working for any company, it is always prudent to do some research and find out all obvious ins and outs of working with them. There will always be hidden or obscure interactions, and in any event, everyone associates differently.

This article brings forward a few of the basic details that any new driver should consider before working for Uber.

Corporate Climate

New employees are asked to subscribe to Ubers core company values; there are 14 of them. Amongst these values are:

  1. Super-Pumpedness.
  2. always be hustlin'
  3. let builders build
  4. meritocracy and toe-stepping
  5. principled confrontation
  6. making bold bets
  7. celebrate cities
  8. make magic
  9. inside out
  10. optimistic leadership
  11. being yourself
  12. we don't rent
  13. champion's mindset
  14. session with the customer

While these core values are for employees, they trickle down to the drivers. The corporate culture is aggressive and competitive. This culture makes drivers aggressively competitive too. After all, when there are so many drivers for so few passengers, it is natural that every driver wants to get the fare first. These circumstances, of course, leads drivers to become imaginative and original in ways to build their rideshare load, and this is what the corporate climate in Uber is seeking.

With this climate come some perks and incentives that make the competitive conditions easier to bear. After all, drivers are not employees; they are not trying to get promotions, they are just trying to get more passengers during their work hours.

Work Schedule

Uber drivers set their work hours; this is a great incentive and working condition. It also means that the driver can decide when it is best for him to work and for how long they need to work. In any moment during the day a driver can log off, there is no clock ticking, so long as an Uber driver takes one ride a month, they are working within the acceptable limits that Uber sets.

Since there are no time limits, drivers can work as many hours as they want to, so long as they drive safely. Safe driving means sleep, eating and rest are as important, and no enhanced supplements (caffeine tablets and such) are not good since they affect the way the driver thinks and drives.

Daily Payments

Most jobs pay monthly; Uber has incorporated a new feature in its app, "instant pay" that allows drivers to make up to 5 withdrawals a day. The driver cannot withdraw more than what is in the account, but it makes for a much more flexible income structure. To use this feature, you will need a credit or debit card. While this feature is available now, Uber pays once a week, and all you will need is a checking account.

Uber App

The Uber drivers app is your main dashboard, and in fact, manages your entire ride-share work cycle. The app is constantly evolving as more and more features are added, and other features change and upgrade over time. These changes occur through continuous driver/passenger experience as well as changes in emerging IT technologies that Uber incorporates into its applications to stay ahead of the pack.


All Uber drivers must be aware of and maintain their rating. They have a star rating value, and anything under 4.6 stars will impact the driver's ability to get customers first. It also means that the driver's performance is not as good as it should be since drivers ratings come from driving performance and customer satisfaction. Uber sets certain KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) that are measurable and are translated into the star rating system.

Uber Support

Uber offers a comprehensive support service, and you should be ready to use it whenever you have an issue or question.Although, before you do start to ask too many questions, we suggest you read the Uber Help web page, it is filled with information and answers most issues.

Ride-Share Insurance

You have to know that standard insurance does not cover you. You need a special ride-share friendly insurance plan. More insurance companies are offering these policies, and Uber even signed a special deal with Metromile, although that company is still limited to only a few states.

Xchange Lease

Uber offers a good leasing program that makes leasing easy on the pocket and quick to arrange. If you apply for the Xchange lease program, you can choose from a wide variety of new and used cars. There are two tiers to this program, one that allows drivers access to all the leasing options and the second tier that limits them to choosing early return cars from previous leases only

Hidden Expenses

Make sure you are fully versant with all the expenses that come with ride-share driving. You will not become an overnight millionaire, and you will not generate a lot of income if this is only an additional job. For ride-share drivers working a 4 hour week, their income will be around $1,400 per month, that's after deducting all expenses, hidden and known, but us before the end of the year taxes.

Sign-Up Requirements and Recheck Restrictions

All Uber drivers must have a clean history, no convictions, no driving felonies. If you had a clean bill when signing up and after a few months you were arrested for whatever reason, while Uber does not check all the time, on occasions they do recheck background histories per state of all their drivers. If you didn't report an issue, you would be de-activated.


Every month there are new developments in Uber, and new issues to learn and handle. If you are seeking an easy form of income, this isn't it, driving for Uber requires a commitment to safety regulations, enhanced social abilities, and patience in the face of competition.On the other hand, it is very good way to earn extra money.