What you have in your car for your PAX?

I used to carry about 5-6 little half bottles of water, but now I only carry 2 at a time… I always forget to offer them, so I just keep having to take them in and out of the house. I only offer if I over hear someone say they are thirsty… Or if something reminds me of it. Most people decline anyways. I also have a multi-port fast car charger and cables in the car for phones. I had a couple people use it before.

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I have water, but very few riders take advantage. I make sure to offer it to them and I’ve had a number of people thank me for the offer, but not drink it. I was able to buy the bottled water cheaply at a local grocery store so it only costs me about 12 cents a bottle.

I keep a tray of warm hors d’oeuvres and a cold plate with crudite and various dips. For beverage sparkling water flavored of course. On week day evenings I hire a tiny jazz combo they fit on my dash for live entertainment. For the younger crowd I installed a dance floor in the back of my car with a strobe lightning disco ball. As parting gifts when the ride is over I pass out tickets to various sporting events and concerts. Nothing to good for my pax.

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I carry water most of the time. I have mints stocked, but rarely get asked for it. Tissue, sometimes girls ask for one. I also have an extra Iphone chord.

Doesn’t take up much space at all. I’m size of a novel is me before inches in width. I found the perfect size bin at a dollar store and it holds about eight books.

I used to do water when I first started driving. Some passengers don’t like that it isn’t those little 6oz bottles. Others might not like the brand. Most will leave them half empty in the cup holders in my back doors.

I have a median-sized metal pipe for any riders in case they wanna be violent or disrespect. I also have a 3-inch pocket knife for protection especially since I drive in the city filled with drunks and idiots.

I only drink fresh squeezed babies’ tears that have been triple distilled to get rid of the salinity. Anything less than that, it’s a 1 star and I’m reporting you.

No freebies, aside from high-speed phone chargers. I do have free wifi in the car. I only offer when I feel like it–usually if I see they’re carrying a laptop and it’s a longer trip. I’m in Silicon Valley, and so I get tech people all of the time and the wifi is usually well received.

I’ve been a developer for almost 2 decades, and so I offer the ride that I’d like to take into work: a quiet Mercedes with dark tinted windows and fast internet. I go out of my way to accommodate tech people and in return I make contacts and learn what people and various companies are up to.

One time I had this pax asking if I had a gum. I said no. He goes, other drivers offer gums, candy and water. I asked him - did you tip them? He said no. I told him why the hell he expected a gum from me than? He said it’s a good customer service, I could get get 5 stars.

I provide water harvested from dew drops which collect on the leaves of maidenhair ferns growing in Swiss alpine meadows, rushed to me by air freight each morning in order to refresh and delight my passengers.

I can see stopping the waters as that’s a tangible cost. But if you have aux and charger already why stop offering? That just lowers your chance for a tip and costs you nothing.

I had bought candy, gum and mints but I ended eating it all lol. So I guess nothing they should be thanking me for driving in my new car. My rating low anyway from idiots mad at surge rates, like I control that.

Gum, starbursts, aux cable and phone charger. Starburst cost five dollars for two giant bags and I probably get over $100 in tips before I have to spend another five dollars For more starburst.

I keep water bottles in my car and end up drinking all those lol. Sometimes my pax asks for phone chargers and gum which I occasionally keep.