What would you guys do to keep you away from being exhausted from driving?

I’ve been feeling exhausted and rest less all day for continuously working nearly 10 hours over the week.
Sometimes I feel to quit the job and switch to a 9-5 job but I guess the pay wouldn’t be enough. I’ve tried having caffeinated drinks so keep be energised but I’m fed up of having it everyday. What would you guys do to keep yourself calm and well forcused on the job?

Take breaks every 2-3 hours. Step outside of your car to get some fresh air. I feel trapped if I sit for too long in the car. It is not a good feeling. You’re moving constantly but still are boxed inside a car.

Caffeinated drinks are going to cause more problems than help short term. It’s a short cycle of high-low, and you feel agitated when you get to the low.

I would recommend eating food that is light on calories but fulfilling for at least 2-3 hours.

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thank you :slight_smile: