What would you do on drunk pax that didn't know where to go?

I had a situation last week, where a guy was so drunk that he didnt know where he was going. I took him to tge address on his driving license, but that house was abounded. Luckly his wife called and i took him home. What would you guys do, if you dont know where to take them?

Yeah my husband had 2 guys who couldn’t figure out where to go, their destination was a min fare, then they asked to go to the bars- which were closed, and then turns out they live in a town 15ish miles away. Sheesh- it was a frustrating ride. One also was non stop hitting on him and asking him to spend the night etc. Needless to say, he gave them a 1 star.

I’d take him back to where I picked him up. Maybe some one would know where he belongs. If not, cll the Cops and let them del with him.

I would have asked if they wanted to go to a 24 hour restaurant to get so.e food and coffee to sober up and know where he is going

Looked at his recent addresses on uber. Sometimes people save addresses they use alot as home or work

Depends on the level of consciousness of the person. When please pick up drunks who are so drunk they can’t care for their own safety that usually take them and put them in a jail cell overnight to sober up. However when somebody is dangerously unconscious then Hospital emergency room would be the next best deal

Call an ambulance and have them meet you. New destination: Hospital :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any time you’ve got someone who’s so sick that they lose consciousness, you really should just take them to the ER without hesitation.
They could be having a stroke, they could be having a diabetic incident; they could have ebola or an aneurism - you just can’t be sure. Whichever - it’s best that they be seen by a medical professional.

You did good. That one douchebag cop guy probably would have taken him to jail.

I’ve told them to call someone that can tell me their address. It works. They are just trying to get home safely.

That’s fine for the irresponsible ones. It helps them avoid the just consequences of their bad behavior. But doing that to someone who’s having a stroke, a diabetic incident, an aneurism, etc. is downright depraved.