What would you do if paxes make out in the backseat?


(Brendan Halai) #1

So what’s everyone’s opinions on paxes making out, rubbing crotches and breasts, and sucking fingers in the backseat? I asked them to stop, but they kept doing it, so I kicked them out. First time I’ve done that. It made me feel uncomfortable.

(William Murphy) #2

It depends. To me as long as they have their clothes on I’m OK with it but is soon as a penis comes out no thank you.

(Graham Sandy) #3

Why are you watching them when you should be watching the road…lol

(Mathew Boolean) #4

I had a couple making out in the backseat while the friend was in the front seat trying to talk to me. It got very distracting :unamused:

(Trish Richardson) #5

Who cares. As long as nothing splashes on me.

(Lance Rodriguez) #6

So long as I don’t have to clean up jizz stains

(Melinda Foster) #7

I have one rule. Any child concieved in my car gets named by me

(Bector Ernest) #8

So long as it’s my crotch she is rubbing, it’s all good!

(Kelly Hector) #9

Females that do that are psychologically said to be more likely to cheat

(Jack Dolen) #10

My vehicle is strictly for transport only, get a room!

(Lisa Markee) #11

You don’t need anyone’s opinions on this. Your car, your rules. I’m personally tolerant of a lot but I don’t allow sex in my car.

(Christian Odom) #12

It is uncomfortable. I’ve had to ask them to wait til getting home or the hotel. I prefer my porn in private…not my backseat. :roll_eyes:

(Brahim Decker) #13

I had people doing something in the back, and it made me feel uncomfortable to even check my mirror not wanting to seem that I was watching them. After that experience, I won’t put up with it any more, but at the time I didn’t know what to do. I’d have kicked them out too

(Cody Parker) #14

Give me a good tip on the spot and I’ll put a wall up and y’all can do whatever.

(Marsha_Smith) #15

I adjust my review mirror while asking them, “should I stop and get popcorn?”

(Chris Stipe) #16

I had a girl give a guy head in my backseat. During a 2.5 surge the guy ask to keep going in circles around the block until he said so. At the end they got ojt and he fist bumped me.

(Rakesh Sharma) #17

I had a lady with a REALLY short dress in my back seat the other day. When she got out, there was a white chalky mark on my seat. Seriously, I’m guessing she wasn’t wearing panties.

Making out doesn’t bother me. Snail trails do.

(Abdul Karim) #18

My rule is, dont do anything in my car that I can’t join in on :stuck_out_tongue:

(Snyder Reed) #19

I only had one occasion thank goodness but I turned on the light and said I wanted to make sure they could see what they were looking for :rofl:

(Hassan) #20

Had one other occasion though the wife talked to me the whole way 15 minute ride. Husband was quiet but would kind of laugh once in awhile when we hadn’t said anything funny, i just figured he was a little drunk but when he got out at the destination he was zipping his pants and buckling his belt. I’m pretty sure she gave him a hand job. You can bet I got out to “check the back seat for lost items” in front of them.