What would you add?

If you were commissioned to make improvements on the uber/lyft apps, what improvements would you make?

-in the Uber app, make it so I can see what I made on the last ride
-let me see my earnings and cash out, even on a trip
-show a “prefer short trip” and “prefer long trip” options
-“don’t send me rides when I’m in a surge zone” option
-"no car seat " “underage passenger” cancelation option
-better quests
-option to opt out of pool from the app.
-more destination filters
-proximity mode. This would let you set a radius for trips in case you drop someone off and want to stay near

What would you add?

More filters would be awesome
Very helpful when used correctly. There is an underage option “Unaccompanied Minors.” You gotta scroll way down, but it’s there.

Change the rating system, anything less than a 5 star must have a valid excuse. They used to have an option to “opt out of all pool requests” if you called customer svc.

I noticed Alvin is in Lithia Springs. Does anyone know of a good spot to get wings, that isn’t a franchise? just a good independent one.

Another thing I’d add is “efficiency bonus”

If I do a ride and find the best route, dammit reward me and give me more of that money. No sense in them keeping more than 50% of the fare when before they changed the agreement I agreed to keep 80% of fares. Keep your upfront pricing, but dammit give me an incentive!

If not I’m taking the scenic longer mileage route

-Make pool pay 10% more than X. Then you won’t need a filter!
-be upfront about quests (how to get them)
-increase to 4 destinations per day. So you have one to start and end each 12 hour shift.
-change waiting pay rate to $12/hr during stops.

Know the destination before accepting. That’s why I said that. I often only have one or two hours to work so short trips near home or my other job would be great.

That wld lead to discrimination. Ppl wld NEVER pick up short trips, so i get that one. Be able to talk to a HUMAN PERSON in real time instead of just dealing with messages

Bonuses for high ratings and experience.

Driver preference…riders should have the ability to schedule or request their favorite drivers. Get rid of uberpool express, make tips 7 dollars and higher,

e able to split how you cash out–be able to send a certain amount to one account and the rest to another. Get paid better per minute during rush hour!!! Limit pool to 3 pax (2 and 1) no 2 and 2 pools so everyone has space.

No pools at Airport in X rides with compact vehicles. And get the order of passenger pickups correct! Had one passenger #1 at N #2 at S passenger #3 …Back to North… Insanity & why I will accept no pools from the Airport! It’s a nightmare! Lucky for me the customers were understanding. Most wouldn’t be!

i see my last trip earnings and -"no car seat " “underage passenger” cancelation option … its there Lyft does that (or did?) As long as you keep your acceptance rate high.