What would/should you do if you SUSPECT (but cannot prove) that your passenger is currently using your service to collect / deal drugs?

would you keep driving and mind your own business?
would you investigate / record until you get solid evidence of that illegal activity?
would you immediately stop / end the trip?

End the trip. I’m not there to collect evidence nor do I need to be part of a deal gone bad. Trips like that should be ended safely either as the passenger exits the car on a requested stop or at a public place you can safely pull in, park and exit the car (with your keys in hand). Debates shouldn’t happen with a passenger sitting behind you.

it’s a 50/50 chance if you go on feeling but is it worth taking? I think it will go on personal opinion at that point and what feels safe. I’m a go with my guy kind of person

I need more details but I’d likely just take them go their destination and let them out.

I had a trip to buy drugs for personal use. Didn’t realize it until we were deep in drug lord territory, with 5 additional “spotters” (that I could identify positively) watching…was a supermodel and a friend…reported to Lyft, Lyft investigated, banned her for life, from the platform.

i am too pessimistic to think that lyft and uber TRULY get rid of passengers that we report to them

money is just money for big corporate business.
(unless there is a big lawsuit tied to it)

anyway, as long as i am not paired to those guest anymore again, i couldn’t care less about what they do to the account.

I have been on quite a few drug runs and prostitution runs. I ask a LEO what should I do. There is a App we can get to report these kinds things. I don’t remember the apps name, but I don’t see how that will help us when we are driving around.

If it endangers me or involves me in a criminal activity, it damned sure IS my business!

I don’t think that the authorities would hold an Uber or lift driver responsible for what a passenger does! So if you just don’t see it you don’t see it!

I’ve had this issue twice, once picked up a shady person from a motel who was going to another motel, he told me once he was in the car that it would be a round trip and I just went along until we got to the destination, let him out, ended the trip, turned off my app then reported it. While I was ending it, he was getting into another car to and handing things off, very obvious drug deal. The second time was midnight on a Saturday and the guy was going to pay his rent… right… so we get there and he says I hope you’ll wait on me, I said yeah, as soon as he was out I left

I was pulled over a couple months ago with a pax in the car, the cops knew he was using uber and lyft to transport his drugs from location to location. They searched my car, me and the pax. He was arrested on the spot.

I had one ride that was acting so sketchy. It was 3 A.M. This guy was 100% bad guy. I’d never let knowingly let someone get in my car with anything illegal but this guy hopped in my car with a back pack. Said his wife ordered the ride and sorry it took so long bc he was hiding in the bathroom. The gist of what he told me the Mexican drug cartel put a $75,000 hit on him because he refused to do their dirty work anymore. I drove him from Richardson to far southwest FT Worth. I think he had drugs and weapons. I spent the whole drive just trying not to make him mad at me. He changed his clothes in my back seat. I was so glad to be over with that ride. This guy really looked the part and talked the talk. So, if you have an insight to something like this what would you suggest I could have done differently rather than just try to stay alive?