What would be YOUR reaction?

What would be YOUR reaction?

a parent gets in your car with their toddler.
the child is very agitated and (s)he is making a scene to stop for ice cream.

first the parent yells at him/her but the kid keeps getting more and more aggravating to the point when the parent ends up spanking him/her.

now the child doesn’t stop crying. very loud.
the parent is extremely angry and threatens to hit him/her even harder if it doesn’t stop.

>i mind my own business.
>i say/do something about this situation.
(please explain)

thanks :pray:

Turn around and tell that child I am not your momma but I will beat ya ass if you don’t stop all that damn crying. :joy::joy::joy:

Hope they spank that bad ass kid again. No really, a toddler doesn’t need to be beat, they throw fits. If they aren’t, you have a special kid, or you’ve terrorized them to the point of constant fear.

I would pull over (preferably at DQ) and say I’m sorry but I’ll have to end the ride here as I can’t tolerate a screaming toddler or hitting a child in my car as it’s distracting and I fear we will get into an accident.

pull over and let them give the young’en a good dose of wood shed therapy, disrespectful, disobedient little shits now a days dont get their other side torn up enough to respect authority any more.

As long as they’re aren’t destroying anything I’m just minding my god damn business. Me having 3 kids i would continue on… obviously that kid is acting out for attention if they are not phased by a parent slapping them and prob have other issues, so nomb…

Is the kid in a car seat? If not he wouldn’t be in my car to begin with. I deal with this regularly and either ignore or try to deflect the situation. Kids are kids and every mom knows they have tantrums.

some people have the ability to “mentally isolate” themselves from that kind of situation even if it happens right before their eyes.

some other people (like me) simply and humanly CANNOT :cry::cry:

This would litteraly drive me nuts, and impair my ability to drive.

so i give props to people like you. :clap::clap:

The toddler should have been in a car seat, strapped in, which would make spanking difficult without removing them from the car seat… so, if they did remove them from the seat, that ride stops immediately… parent is told to put the child back in the seat, spanking stops… if there was no car seat there should not have been a ride taking place in the first place, situation avoided.

I think I would pull over and say “not in my car” if they gave me any lip, ride is over without debate beyond that… very likely a note to uber, and maybe even a visit to police with my dashcam video. I would do what I could because it’s a child… in all reality there is little else I could do, it’s the child’s misfortune which I have only a brief window to affect.

I dealt with this last Friday. They were on their way to a bus line across town, headed to NY. I just dealt with it and drove.

The kid didn’t want to leave GA, anymore than his sister or mom. It was a very loud but sad car ride.

I am also a certified counselor and licensed by the state. This makes me a mandatory reporter. I would be required by law to call the police as well as child protective services and report the hitting as child abuse.

Honestly try matching the kid scream for scream with the tantrum. The kid will stop and look at you like you lost your mind and it’s actually kinda fun. It’s stopped so many fits from my nieces and nephews

I’d probably ask if there’s anything I could do to help, and keep driving if not. If you use tactics that you use on your kid (screaming over them, discipline them, etc) some parents will get extremely offended. Kids have tantrums and some can deal and some cannot. I can deal since my two kids LOVE screaming. Lol

I actually had a mom and her 18 month old in the car for a two hour trip out of the airport. Mom fell asleep almost right away. He kept trying to wake her up so we spent the next hour and a half shushing each other and making funny faces. She was grateful and woke up 5 min before we got to her address :relaxed:

I’ve pulled out candy, stopped to got what the kid was screaming for, or give them my tablet. It’s happens several times and the mothers were very appreciative!

This can be touchy tho, some parents get offended! Or they don’t want their child to think it’s ok to take stuff from strangers. Very touchy situation

I would have tried to strike a conversation with a toddler offer a candy to calm comment down and try to make the parent come down so it doesn’t escalate that’s why I carry candy wipes and I would have tell the toddler we’re not going anywhere until he or she stops crying and we can put music Disney Lion King or princess music.

I would mind my own business, parents have rough days with children and trust me I have a child who acts worse than that at times.

A light spanking or verbal discipline is none of my business. I’d ignore it. If it got out of hand I’d pull over and say “hey if you’re going to abuse your child, you can’t do it in my car. Get out.”