What to do if you are deactivated off Uber because the background company false identified you?

  1. Obtain the report from the background checker

  2. Look up the court case in question, listed in the report. (county records online)

  3. Contact the background company to dispute the findings, and upload the information from county records that prove its not you.

  4. Remain deactivated and wait up to 30 days. Even with proof that the background company misidentified you, Uber will continue to keep you deactivated for days or weeks.

Yes, you’ll lose all that money. Yes, you were punished and did nothing wrong. But nobody cares. Welcome to the new world where a false background check will call you a felon at some point…and you will be presumed guilty by Uber who is very much to blame for not verifying identity before deactivating “partners.”

I’m filing a lawsuit to punish Checkr like many have done before me. And I’ll win like they all do. But nothing will change. It’s cheaper to pay off these lawsuits than add checks and balances to prevent ruining some peoples lives. Not my life, cause Uber isn’t that important. But people have lost real careers over wrong background checks.

Below is a county record that took me 30 seconds to obtain online. Proving the record is some guy middle named Monroe, not me. Checkr didn’t even go so far as to check the middle name.:angry: Guess I know more about checking backgrounds than Checkr.

So, in this case, the middle name is important. Nothing much you can do but wait.

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I have 2600 rides on Lyft.:blush: But thanks

Ok cool no problem good luck I’m in my own uber lawsuit. Go get em, brother…

The background check is a joke anyway. As long as you get busted in a jurisdiction that is not on your credit report you have nothing to worry about. They will not find it because they will not check it.