What to do if a Uber / Lyft rider kisses driver?

(Eric Moore) #1

What should we do if an Uber / kisses us (Driver) …I don’t want to make a police report because I can’t say it wasn’t completely uninvited but it was out of the blue and unexpected. Also, the passenger had been drinking prior…

(Sharon Green) #2

Here’s a quote, "Or possibly there’s the fact that she was drinking, I was on the job, it’s against policy and I don’t want to wake up to a sexual harassment suit later on; so I’m possibly asking for advice from any other driver that has been in that situation.

(Sheena Washington) #3

Oh, snap. And you sit on the board for a foundation supporting survivors of sex trafficking (you shouldn’t have that set to public btw)
I see why you’re smelling like regret now and worried about a harassment suit.

There’s no good advice. You did it, you said it wasn’t uninvited, and you don’t have s dashcam to prove she initiated it. It’ll be your word against hers. Who would you believe??

(Jose Hernandez) #4

Man, that’s a tough one. You cannot trust women passengers nowadays. Only you know how it really went down. People do try & do get it in with their drivers. She kissed you because she wanted to. Some do it just for shit & giggles so they can post about & lol with their friends :joy:. You’re over here worried asking us…because I don’t blame you. I would just call and mention that your paxs was very intoxicated & flirty friendly and landed one on you if you feel like you should.

(Graham Sandy) #5

If he reports it, then uber sends pax a message. She will be embarrassed, and the story she
responds with will not match the drivers. And he’ll be screwed.
Women make shit up all the time, especially if they’re embarrassed or regret something. It’s wrong af, but it happens every day.

(Kimberly Nelson) #6

I’ve got to say thank you for being concerned about morals and that while drunk is not ok. Next time politely turn them down following with “maybe when you are sober” and make sure they are safely where they are going. Better yet drunks sit in the back. Then there is no misunderstanding

(Eric Moore) #7

She actually caught me off guard. I let my guard down, that’s why I was concerned as well. It was after a hug goodbye because we were laughing and joking about each other having the same birthday.

(Kimberly Nelson) #8

Hey, I know things happen in the moment. As long as you keep your morals you will be fine. But if you want to avoid a drunken kiss… Make them sit in the back lol. Lesson learned

(Audrina Jameson) #9

The keywords “wasn’t completely uninvited” first stop and ask yourself, if you allowed this why are you asking for acceptance and verification? LOL you really had to ask what should you do after the fact.

(Bector Ernest) #10

Wasn’t it completely uninvited? Okay, so, what, you were flirting and they responded and now you have buyer’s remorse? Who the hell calls the cops for an unsolicited kiss. You really want to go to court and try to have someone sent to jail for kissing you?

(Eric Moore) #11

Some of us are in relationships, married, don’t like random strangers coming onto us, don’t like random drunken strangers coming onto us for the fact that they may remember it differently and etc. So yeah, no normal guy would anymore because most nowadays are sleeping around and setting themselves on fire with these stupid challenges. I actually took that as a compliment.