What phone service plans do you full time drivers have?

Are you on a regular 5g data plan. 10g data plan or unlimited data? I thought I could use the 5g plan on Verizon. My 2nd day driving for uber I went 9 hours straight with the app on it said i had used 3.64g of my 5.0g according to Verizon so I immediately switched into unlimited data plan. It’s 80 a month before the taxes. I had just gotten a new Galaxy 7 edge and switched from straight talk to Verizon.
Can anyone help me with some suggestions please and share what carrier you have and plan, and about how many hours a week you drive thanks

Wow…there is something wrong there…you shouldn’t have gone through that much data is such a short time…

I drive full time and use that for a month… but I also use it for surfing between rides etc…and have never gone over 7gb

You could turn off a lot of notifications for many apps…I also turn off syncing… but now you have unlimited…

I agree. Something wrong. I had leftover data that rolled over. My clock reset last night and I have over 7 gigs available now.

I have T-Mobile. I don’t know how much it is for one but I do know that before taxes for my husband and myself that it’s 100.

Lyft accelerate rewards offer a discount on Verizon phone plans. I switched from t mobile and got a 17 percent discount on my Verizon plan. I have unlimited talk and text and 5 gigs data for 59 dollars a month.

I drive about 20 - 30 hours a month since December and I’ve never used over 5 gigs in a month. That’s with Lyft uber Waze and some web browsing

I use the s7 edge on verizon

$78 dollars, I regret it already. I get everything I need on cricket unlimited for 50. And I even regret that too. I’d rather it be like 20 or 30. Lol

Verizon unlimited. But I also share my plan with seven other people. I used to have 6gb but always went over. I drive mostly weekends. Also, your phone plan can be partially added into your tax deductions since it’s used for uber driving.