What other drivers do to get frequent calls?

I keep driving around get calls instead of stop somewhere waiting for calls. That’s the
way I found to get frequent calls otherwise I don’t receive calls. What do you guys do?

I drop off the passenger and drive up about a 1/4 of a mile and park the car. If I don’t get a request from either Lyft/Uber within 10 minutes I’ll drive a mile down the street and try again. Usually the ten minute wait happens on Tuesdays and Wedsnesdays when it’s really slow, the other days of the week I normally don’t wait more then 5 minutes. Don’t really see the point in wasting fuel. But if it works for you that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Study your market like it’s an exam. Once you figure out your market you can minimize your miles by moving a little.

Each mile means depreciation and accelerated maintenance plus gas. Notice I said gas last as the first two are what matters regardless if you are using a new or paid off car.

i think the main issue is that drivers are impatient and think waiting for a ride is losing money. I know each market is different but I do thinking positioning yourself is key.

Don’t get me wrong, I move around but am moving where I know I will get my next ride.

I run XL and Select exclusively so my trips are really spaced out if it’s slow. But during specific times and areas, I am moving non stop.

I wait for 5 mins in a area on the map people seem to be living in. And then drive five blocks…then wait another five minutes

Gotta figure in those bonuses too though. Rides per hour seems to be what Lyft goes for with their bonuses whether whether they be streak bonuses, weekly ride challenges, or guaranteed earnings bonuses. Sometimes there’s an extra $300 or more to be made per week hitting numbers of rides.

Depends on the day and time. Knowing your city and where the pockets are. It’s situational. If it’s morning, I’m going to be the closest to a Hotel for an Airport run. If it’s night, I know every busy bar in every corner of the city so wherever I drop, I know where to wait.

I don’t see the reason why I should drive around town waisting my energy, fuel, time and driving time to get my next call. All I do is park where I drop-off my last PAX and wait for my next call but sometimes in a blue moon I’ll need to drive few miles (feet) to wait for the next ping.

Learn where to position yourself near popular drop off points. Use the FarePilot app until you figure out the best spots for you. You should find you don’t need to drive much to get requests.

Use the rider app to see where everyone else is. Go somewhere else. Of everyone is parked downtown near the bars, the I go to the south end of town, few bars, often people going from house parties home. Less drunk and stupid college kids that way.

Especially when there’s a big event I go the opposite way because where everybody’s crowded around the event people going to need rides in the city

Learn your city learn your areas. What might not seem to be a popular area at a certain time you have to find the area where people are going out and use your platform… you know like what areas people are going to be mostly leaving to go somewhere and sometimes you just going to have slow hours. For example in my market on Friday and Saturday night it’s going to die between 8 and 10 and I know this because people are either not ready to go out yet or they’re already out and they’re not budging until a few hours later

I actually tried to help a friend of mine out and give her time slots in areas that I know do well that work for me. Now that she got the groove of it she ain’t got time for me. So I mean it is what it is apparently it worked for her

I get my first ping from my house then I usually get another before I even reach my Pax’s destination and it keeps on going from there. I never drive around looking for pings

But I do also is I head to the Doraville train station out here sometimes I get a crap load of runs in my immediate area sometimes I got to go all the way to the train station and it’s usually I get one and it’s on from there if I’m near a train station I stopped cuz I know within 10 minutes somebody’s going to be getting off the train and needing a ride I don’t know what Market everybody’s in I just know I know how to work Atlanta Market.

I go Park in a spot somewhere if I don’t get anything in 15 minutes I move it to the next location I don’t waste my gas driving around like a fool. That is counterproductive I’m not making money wasting money like that ain’t nobody paying for our gas except us unless you’re on Lyft then you get a discount I get maximum discount but unfortunately they limit how many times a month of using it

I sit in one spot a lot, but it is usually in an strip mall with lots of parking on a main road. I don’t sit in a neighborhood. I do run the car however, it is really hot out. So I don’t know which is better for you. I like the couch idea or at least in the shade.

During the AM Rush you should get back to back, same with the PM rush. I stay near shopping center and doctors offices mid day. I love the outskirts of town during the day too

Dont drive around wasting gas. Go to your areas hot spots, (restaurants, clubs, hotels and keep track of events like business conferences, meetings)

I accept my first request, drop off and usually on busy nights wait for my next call neerby at busy intersection. When slow I may head back to the neerest populated area.