What map application you guys prefer?

I am in Denver and I use Waze mostly when I Uber. As a "passenger"of course. It’s really the best about navigating around traffic and road hazards. I wonder does anyone use a real GPS? Generally I know about 75% of the destinations and routes without looking them up.

I use waze, it’s the best. You can try destinations on multiple aps, 90% of the time Waze will have the same route and if there are obstructions it will have a faster route. I’ve been driving for Lyft for 6 months.

In my limited experience with Waze, I’ve found that the voice directions are far too slow (it tells me to turn when I’m very close to the turn). One thing I like about other maps is that the voice directions will tell me what’s next immediately after my most recent move, no matter if it’s in half a mile or 50 miles.

I don’t use the voice I just look at the screen. I get annoyed when it tells me 5 times for one turn. Applemaps does seem to be the favorite for ease of use with voice control. Although when I used applemaps more there were times when Siri would hear the address I was saying correctly but still couldn’t find it. Then when I would type the same address in manually to applemaps it could find it no problem.

Waze here as well. I make sure I let the passenger know about it and why we may take some “off” roads. They are usually pretty impressed and “didn’t know there was a faster way”.

Google maps… I turn on my hotspot on my phone… turns my car into a moving hotspot… my riders love it… I mounted a 8"tablet in my car and use that for music and maps…

i think he means he uses his phone to create wifi in the car and then he has a ipad type device for music and apps. is the tablet for the riders to use or for you myuber? i dont think my iphone can make a hotspot

Yes I turn my phone into a wifi hotspot… so my samsung tablet 8" will have internet. . Also turns my car into a mobile wifi hotspot. I tried posting a pic but its big…

When I have an exact address I use my car’s navigation system (Ford Sync system). Works great to pick them up and sometimes to drop them off and customers love the big screen. But Google maps works better for being able to say the name of the bar/tavern I’m taking somebody to. I’ve used Waze, but not smooth on it. On all systems, I’ve shut off the voice directions as it interrupts the flow of conversation with and between passengers.

I use Google maps and hear the voice through a Bluetooth earpiece. The earpiece also comes on handy when I’ve to call the client. I saved the Uber number on the home screen of my phone and have only to tap it to call. I don’t like Waze for its graphic.

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Haven’t used Waze, pretty much use Google Maps exclusively on my iPad. When I started Uber tried using Apple maps and it was not accurate at all!!

Yes it is 3G. I added it to my cell contract because it was cheaper than adding the wifi hotspot. The data from using Google Maps falls within the 2.5 gb limits I get per month. I pretty much use it on wifi for everything else (Netflix, Pandora, FB etc).

No. I just place it on the console in front of the gear shifter and listen to the directions. I don’t use it for every trip as I am pretty familiar with SF now. But for the locations that I don’t know I use it.

I used Scout. Tried Waze, but didn’t like that they didn’t mention street name in directions. Just ‘turn left in 100ft’ Scout says ‘Turn left in 100 ft, on to Main St.’

I played around with Waze yesterday for a while and noticed the same thing when I had it set to some of the oddball voices. But I noticed that the 2 sort of default choices at the top of the selections does have the street names. If you go into settings, then sounds, then language you will see the top two English selections at the top are with streets.

I use Scout and find I like it over Waze or Google. Waze’s screen is too busy and in heavy traffic I find it too distracting. I like the route options that Scout offers me and my passengers seem to love the spider icon I use.

I have tried Waze but have gone back to Google Maps. I avoid looking at the screen, but when I do, I find the Maps display better than Waze. I also think that the Maps audio directions are more informative than Waze. I have the audio in my earpiece so only I hear the directions.