What kind of water bottle you have for PAX?

I keep a couple of cheap bottles of water for myself. It’s not in plain sight, I keep it in the drivers door pocket. If a pax asks nicely, and it’s a trip over 10mins, I might give them one. But probably not.

The kind of water that your pax should get should be the kind they buy themselves at the store of their choice.

No point, but that’s just my opinion, the few that will appreciate that generosity are outweighed by the many that will shamelessly litter your car with it and be completely ungrateful

Also that will do next to nothing for your rating… the one or two 5 stars you may get aren’t worth it

What is the point of this question? You want to know what the rest of us would do so you can do the same? or do better? But you miss the whole point which is: Don’t hand out water, mint, gum, anything dude. Have you ever seen a cab driver hand out anything? You drive in San Diego right? You know a cab in Tijuana costs more than an Uber in San Diego right? And those hombres don’t hand out shit…Get a clue man.

But if that’s too expensive, just use tap water and an old Mountain Dew bottle. Tear off the label and scrawl “Feejee” on the side with a sharpie. Don’t even fill it up all the way, tell pax artisan well water from the islands of the Pacific is too expensive to give away free, so you drink a little off the top to make it worth your while.

Also, it’s a good idea to stock up on those 5-hour energy shot drinks too, as well as Monster and Rockstar for the millennial clubbers at night. For mornings, get that portable espresso machine that fits in your cup holder. Someone posted it in somewhere. I’m sure you can google it. People going to work will love you for life with that shot of espresso.

There is a company in South Florida that will print a custom label for your water… 8 12, or 16 Oz. It’s a bit pricey but I suggest gold leaf lettering on a black label.

For the most part, I recommend none because your profit margin is really thin. I only offer riders water if I’m picking them up from the airport and it is a long ride.

If you really insist on offering water, whatever bottled water is on sale. If you live in a yuppy area though, the environmental folks will give you bad rating for contributing to the plastic problem though… so don’t offer water, and if people ask… it is to help the environment. Win win

Hey guys I just got back from Walmart and picked up this sick coffe maker. I’ll carry a large thermos in the back seat and serve my customers fresh coffee .

I got some small bottles of Fiji. The best water I’ve ever had. Rider asked to take one on the way out after a minimum fare ride. “Sure, it only cost me a dollar for that bottle so I’ve made nearly three bucks off the 20 minutes I’ve spent on you” is what I wanted to say. “Sure, no problem” is what came out. Sucker.

For me, I know I’m not going to get a tip for having water. I still have the same 2 bottles of water I started with and nobody wants it. But like I said, I want to have mints, candies and cheap beverages just because they might come in handy. It’s just that my whole life, I’ve always been the type of person to hook people up. I really want to meet a girl. I know it’s lame, but it’s the truth. It’s not the reason I’m doing Uber, but it’s something I dream about. I already had 2 cute girls in my car. Just wish I had something good to give them.

Or you can take the labels off the cheapest water you can find and print your own (bonus if you have a office job that you can print the labels at). I do this for all of my kids parties.

One day a pax found a pack of wrapped cookies in my car and tried to eat it. I saw from rear view mirror and almost yelled “Sir those are my daughter’s. I’d appreciate you don’t fiddle with things in my car. Please respect my car”. I dont give a flying leap if he one stars me.

I have given out exactly one bottle of water to a pax that told me she was going to hurl and held it until I pulled over and she opened the door. Didn’t get a drop on or in the car or on herself. I even gave her a couple of mints, as well, and we continued the trip quite nicely. She and her friends gave me a $30 tip. College kids, at that!

I’m gonna be real for a second. In nearly every post that you mention females, you come across as a future serial killer . I’m not trying to be mean or funny… but if your social awkwardness and low self esteem are this apparent online , I can’t even imagine how creepy and/or awkward you are in person.

I’ve started offering my burning man camelbak. I can fill it up from the faucet at home. Of course, I don’t wear it and I wipe off the nozzle between riders. They only normally want a sip or too anyway. Cleanliness is very important to me.

Saves money and environmental!

I had two pax ask me for water last weekend on two separate trips (usually no one asks). I told them both “Oh sorry, I just gave away my last bottle”. Truth is I don’t carry water…