What kind of music do y’all play in your cars?

What kind of music do y’all play in your cars? I drive Friday and Saturday nights. What is popular now a days that’s actually good? Haha

I have Sirius XM. Have got major genres saved in presets. So if someone asks for (country, pop, 80s, whatever) I’ve got it.

All the new music is crap. Find some 80s and 90s stuff. I’ve got almost 1000 mp3s that are the billboard top 100 from 1980-1989. :grinning:

Depends on the riders. Older or religious folks I play Michael Buble radio. 30s-40s I play 80s rock. Younger than 30 i play today’s hits.

Depends on the clientele. For the younger passengers on Friday and Saturday evenings, i’ll play rave/techno. For the work week (Mon-Fri) i’ll play Sirius XM (Water Colors) Smooth Jazz. My passengers really enjoy it!

I always ask pax their musical preference. If they say they don’t care, then I play what I’m in the mood for. Otherwise, I aim to please

I play top hits. A lot of people sing along even people I didn’t expect to sing along

Start the day with 16 the blend. Move to 3 rhythmic pop. Late is 13 pitbull globalization. Sirius.

I have XM. I mainly listen to Lithium and Pop, most of my riders seem to like those 2.

Nothing is popular nowadays. Summer hits of the 90’s on Pandora is where it’s at. And no I don’t pay for add-free :facepunch:t3:

I have 2 kind of pax. Those quiet in the back with the phone or talker. None of them need music. Those of you that run a disco in the car, you have disco balls to. And maybe flashing Uber sign.

Qtip/A tribe Called Quest radio, on Pandora or nothing. A great blend of jazz, melodic urban poetry, and some great cerebral rhymes. You know, that or, top 40s. :joy::joy::joy:

Depends where I pick up. If I pick up at the club and its teens and young adults I put on today’s hits or today’s rap. If there are older passengers, I put on rock, classic rock. Try to play the music for the customer not for myself

80s new wave. All ages and backgrounds seem to like it. I can’t play my melodic death metal so…

Depends on the rider. It’s usually Pitbull on SiriusXM, unless they’re older then I’ll do 80’s, 90’s, or Poprocks

I like Jazz​:notes::musical_score::notes:basically it’s ur car​:blue_car: so it’s whtevr u prefer.

Have have 40 diffrent station I hand picked on my Pandora Premium. I keep it on Shuffle. I can skip from steering wheel. Based on my own profile of passenger.

We have a public radio station here in Denver that plays a very eclectic variety and I constantly​get asked what I’m playing. I actually became a supporting member. One of their slogans is everything from Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa.
If the pax are really young I’ll switch to the local pop station. But I can only take so much Justin and Selena.

Apple Music is a reasonable investment. I keep my music on shuffle, low volume, and wait to find out if they want to jam or chat. If the latter, ask them if they would like to listen to a specific song/artist. Most of the time, people don’t care and will listen to whatever is on. But sometimes, you get your car bumping exactly how they like it.

30 min to the airport, my car is not a disco. Whatever I listen to is turned down. I hear pax telling why they hate taxi. They have the radio on and don’t care if the pax likes it or not. Twice a pax asked to raise the volume. It was classic music on the radio. No radio or candy for the pax. My job is to take them from point A to point B in a pleasant way. Without hard braking or accelerating.