What kind of cars are you using for select?

They just added it in my city. I would only pursue it if I can reject UberX requests and there is reasonable demand for select. It’s already impossible to be profitable driving the X pax around in a “cheaper” fuel efficient car. That’s if you believe a $25,000 sticker 2014 vehicle cheap.

My market is South Florida; Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Florida. When I “go online” I can choose to accept Select only pings or accept both.

It’s not the system that keeps drivers from being select only. It’s the Uber manager of the city. They can choose to allow drivers to be select only or choose not to allow it. If they allow it, the system is structured to allow it.

BTW - right now, 10% of my rides are coming through as SELECT - and it makes a huge difference… accounting for 35-40% of my fares. It’s the difference between being profitable and not being profitable.

I’ve opted to do only select and they changed it so I only get select pings. Initially they did not want to do, but they decided to allow after a couple emails. I do very few rides now, but that’s fine by me. Would never do X again. The quality of pax is bad.

I will only do surge/select. I made $350 last night and it was a cold rainy friday night in a small market. I assume once the weather gets better and it warms up more and more people will be wanting to go out, hence more demand for ubers. Good luck.

If you ask support they can create a second vehicle profile for you that will only take select. And then your original one will still do both and you can ride the surge when X is worth it and just select when it’s not.

That’s strange, your vehicle is a select as it stands, I would escalate your request to a manager. I’m sure if you email the CSR back and call them out on this you might get either a call or email from a manager.

I have SXL and usually stick with it, XL and Select are money makers. In the south Florida market Select didn’t get the rates cut and some nights it’s select ride after select ride.

Only in some markets. In others, the management team/person for that market (like in Cleveland/Columbus) is too afraid that X riders will be ‘underserved’, so they won’t set-up a separate SELECT vehicle profile.

I am in the North Miami area. How long are you guys having to wait in between select calls? I know Chris mentioned he gets call after call in North Miami.

I don’t see how anyone would drive uberx and still make money after gas and other expenses specially on short trips.

Now you’re beginning to understand. It’s different for each driver, but you have to learn to drive smart if you want to drive profitably.

That’s a good question. You, me, and tens of thousands of other Uber drivers would like to know the same thing. Uber says it uses that fee to provide “industry leading” background checks on drivers, but that is clearly not the case. Uber uses a company called Hirease to perform it’s background checks.