What is your view about this?

As much as it sucks to say it looks like it’s time to let this go. The golden goose had been killed, plucked, and cooked. The cash cow has been ground into hamburger yet these companies want us to believe we’re still eating steak. It’s time for the quality driver to find other means of employment. Leave this to those who are trapped in a car loan from these sharks and the low quality driver who is willing to work for pittance. Once those under loans are out from under said loans then they will evacuate leaving it to those again willing to work for pittance. Then driver quality will decrease, riders will recognize this and all but the lowest level of rider will abandon ride share. (This not including people on fixed or low income who simply need a more affordable ride)

It’ll be like restaurant work: paid below minimum wage and expected to live off our tips while maintaining our personal vehicles to company standards without proper compensation.

Went downhill after the first year, maybe even less.

Will stated…check out alternative ride shares and new startups on FB (not advertising) just advising.

Another idealistic utopian dream of better paying employment without all the hassle of actually having a boss gone up in smoke.

But keep in mind that ride sharing companies have to price competitively. Unless they are willing to give YOU, as the driver, a huge chunk of the profits, you might as well stick with Uber.

I feel you bro, if it wasn’t for my health and needing to have insurance (and waiting on my SSI) I would be done as well. Right now I am trying to find some other gig type jobs that are available in my area, that way I can maximize my profit. Uber and Lyft have dropped their rates so low that I am hardly making over $15 an hour now after Uber’s expense. So it will be nice to find something like delivery of groceries or packages when Uber & Lyft are running slow.

U forgot to deduct ur taxes and car maintenance on that $15 an hour, I hope one of those rideshare companies went over that. If not the gov. 54 cents a mile is something u can deduct and should be putting away due depreciation, gas, and maintenance…then after that the taxes for federal government and whatever your state says u have to pay for self-employment.

I’m not sure what people expected. Of course people started driving because of all of the hype. Everything winds up this way because of hype and ease. Uber hasn’t been that good for a long time. It’s been a while since I’ve averaged over 18 an hour, which is what I make at my other job. And realistically, in LA, 18 an hour is below livable wage. Uber in LA is now NON VIABLE for drivers.

944 minus taxes you will have to pay, minus gas, and 40 hours of rides but how long were you out of the house? 50? More? Should be making more than that. That’s not a whole lot for 40 hours when you are paying your taxes meals, gas, etc. Just saying. That 20 an hour is more like 12-15.

Well said; even when rates were decent All screw ups were paid 100% by slave driver like a fool I wrote em to get a pittance back. App still has issues, no standard phone, web service, now taking 20% from cancel some big players have to come forward for a while get paxs The low rates until the level of service goes to hell

Desperation only goes so far. Still gotta eat and gas up the car. With $4/hr left over from that, have fun getting a $30 a night closet in the PJs, and paying your car note and insurance.

I’ll admit, The flexibility and convenience are a big factor is why I like it so much but in all equations there is a bottom line.

Uber in LA only works for those whose parents bought them a car, lives with mom and dad still, has no ambition, and doesnt mind working for 8-12 an hour. 90% of the drivers drive because their alternative - no income - is much worse. Wal mart still employs 100,000 and Wal Mart just hiked wages to $10 an hour. LOL.

Which is bull crap because they’re not going to hike my wife’s wages who’s worked for Walmart for 21 years.

Yes Tim Calhoun. I just love it. The freedom and flexibility yes. I never drove during these “good times” as many have referred to it. When I signed up it was $.80/mi. At that rate you just try to avoid areas that have a large number of short rides. At $.65/mi you just wonder why.